Some thoughts from Andrew Shaw

Stoppress have some interesting thoughts from TVNZ’s General Manager of Acquisitions, Production and Commissioning, Andrew Shaw:

On local content:

“It’s easy to give it a one line description of local content, but it’s an awful lot harder to execute it to a standard that the audience expects. The beauty of original television is that if you get it right your audience rewards you with loyalty, regular viewing and engagement. Get it wrong and the opposite applies. We are blessed to have a tremendous local production community who make really compelling New Zealand content, and across the widest possible genres. We’ve got tremendous children’s dramas that will be coming to the screen in the next year, adult drama, reality observation, documentary, entertainment, one-off films and the like. There are fewer companies than there were but the 80/20 rule applies in any industry. And the companies that have configured themselves so they’ve got resources for development, vertical integration overseas, or have a strong sales history and are successfully exporting content, they’re doing well and it’s great to be in business with them.”

On ratings:

“My perspective is that there will have to be a lot of change in the measurement system in the next five years. If you think about what we now look at, whether it’s live, delayed, recorded or through various sites, there’s a great deal we don’t know about who and how they’re using media and those are questions the industry will have to ask. But we shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good mystery.”

There is much more over at Stoppress which is well worth a read about his thoughts on demographics, multi-night television and how social media’s impact on viewing.

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