Tomorrow night it's Prime's turn for upfronts

It’s the last chance for anyone to showcase any of the current Fox content.  Have Sky managed to secure any of it for Prime?  Hopefully we’ll find out tomorrow at their new season launch.








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  • Drew Horan

    Gawd I hope NOT! Fox programmes belong on 3/FOUR and fast tracked not delayed as is the case on Prime with non subscribers unable to use their ondemand service to catch up on programmes despit the channel being free to air! The new drama Reign looks promising though.

    • Vinnie

      To be fair 3/4 basically scrapped the whole fast-forward thing for much of their shows this year so that’s hardly an ‘advantage’ for them over any rival broadcaster. And the fact you believe Fox shows belong on 3/4 merely shows how effective the output deal was in associating such shows with the 3/4 brands. Home and Away of course used to be on 2…as did the Simpsons…but after switching to 3 (presumably the Simpsons switched when Mediaworks first got the Fox deal) those shows became a part of the TV3/Four brand and presented as a 3 or 4 kind of show. Basically all is fair in love, war and TV.

    • Jeseta

      Reign is CW though, might just be Gossip Girl in period costume.

  • Maggie

    I like what Prime are doing with their news bulletin, in that they’re using more NZ reporters on the ground as opposed to relying on repeating what the SKY Australia news update has broadcast. Anastasia Hedge is a very professional reporter and a good credit to them; Mike Wesley-Smith is very good also. In all honesty, I do find their constant ‘technical problems’ annoying to watch though – they happen far too frequently, making the news anchors look rather silly.
    I feel like Prime is doing something wrong – not marketing itself well enough or something – because it has some great content. ‘The Crowd Goes Wild’ must have a good following (just about every man I know watches it), and I like a couple of other shows it offers (especially the new ‘Kiwi Dream’ house renovation show & Midsomer Murders). Yet other people seem to roll their eyes and say they never watch the channel as a rule.
    It’s just a shame that they didn’t pick up some of the shows that have gone to Vibe and Soho, to add a bit more variety into their mix of offerings.

    • Drew Horan

      I just wish the reporters would say PRIME NEWS instead of SKY NEWS at the end of their reports! Sky needs to invest more into its news product to fix those daily hiccups and how about bringing back the Today show in the mornings or Sunrise for that matter!

      • Maggie

        I absolutely LOVED the Today show! Sorry, but I’m not a fan of either of the NZ breakfast TV offerings – one’s far too serious and repetitive; and the constant giggling of one of the co-hosts on the other one drives me mad. ‘Good Morning’ is just awful.
        I read somewhere that – allegedly – ‘Today’ got cancelled as it was too expensive for Prime’s budget. Prime used to show a lot of great Aussie renovation shows, too (they were the first ones to air The Block) – I forget what the others are called but there were some where Scott Cam was involved (different shows) and Jamie Durie was involved in others. This was around the time that Burke’s Backyard was also on (which was cancelled some years back).
        I wonder if the ‘marketing’ issue with Prime might be fixable via a ‘face’ of the channel – Alistair Wilkinson and Charlotte Bellis have been good additions but are not high-profile enough for what I’m neaning. I don’t know who … but someone that would have people changing the channel just to watch that person who would be someone that people respect, like and warm to. They’d need to be quite versatile too – switching between documentary and chatshow-type format. That person could host a couple of different shows every week (maybe one a documentary and one a chat-style Media3-type show), during which advertising for all their other great content could be beefed up.

    • Jeseta

      I agree with your comment about Prime not marketing itself well enough. I think the problem is brand identity. TV1, TV2, TV3 and Four all have a somewhat clear identity, programming style and viewer target. Prime is a mish-mash of different style programming with potentially too many shows designed for the Aussie market. They are obviously doing ok, but I often watch and wonder if anyone is really working on the channel or if it’s just been left to status quo.

  • Jas

    I hope none of the good ones make it to Prime as they will be butchered by Prime only showing in SD and poor SD at that.

  • Grabate

    What was the advertising agency thinking with the colours for the headings? War Games and the last part of the Commonwealth Games headings blend into the background, not a professional look.

  • Krisda Limpapath

    If fox content does not on air on Prime tv next year.
    choice tv may take over fox studio rights .

    • Drew Horan

      Choice TV don’t have the budget to access FOX content considering their a niche channel!