TV3 cans The Nation

nation_logoThis is a release provided by Frontpage regarding the end of The Nation, however, it is incorrect.  TV3 plans to screen The Nation in 2014 but produce it inhouse.

TV3’s weekend political show The Nation will screen for the final time this week after not being renewed for 2014.  The decision will free up the approximately $900,000 budget of NZ On Air funding the show has received annually for other projects.

TV3 have decided to end “The Nation” so this weekend will be our last broadcast.

And we going to go out with a look back at some of the highlights of the past four years.

We’ll include excerpts from our early coverage of the arts; our expose of the Rugby World Cup traffic shambles; Clayton Cosgrove’s campaign funding; Winston Peters on the road and a look at Bill English’s home town.

We will revive some of our election campaign coverage — and there will be many highlights and other moments from our studio interviews.

This will also be Rachel Smalley’s farewell to TV for the emantime. She is now going to focus on her new radio show on Newstalk ZB.

Executive Producer, Richard Harman, says it is a bitter sweet time for the six-person Nation  production  team.

“Obviously they aren’t happy losing their jobs,” he said.

“But they are also proud of what they have  achieved bukilding this programme from scratch in a new slot on a channel which had never done this sort of current affairs before.

“They have won the respsect not only of many political insiders but also the audience who have been renarkably loyal to the programme.

“In the end the programme has been a partnership between Front Page, TV3 and NZonAir.

“It’s been a privelege to produce it; to work with people like Rachel and to know that the audience valued what we did.”

Frontpage originally produced Agenda for TVNZ before they decided to produce Q+A in house.  Where the company goes next will be interesting as there is a lot of history and experience in current affairs production with the team.

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  • Maggie

    That press release has a typo – ‘meantime’ is spelt incorrectly.
    The timeslot was all wrong for that show – it should have screened on a Sunday at 7pm.

  • Trevor Ashman

    They may spend the money on Dancing With the Stars 🙂

  • P.b

    I’m not surprised u can’t eke this low rating show and 3rd degree at the same time next year especially wen neither are profitable, I do have to say that 3rd degree is an awesome show just needs to be on earlier at 7.30pm and it only needs one host, my pick being sacha McNeil, she’s young and good looking and that attracts viewers in that timeslot sorry if that sounds shallow, I just think tv3 need to start going down the Australian television way of how they chose to place programming and uh it’s hosted by

    • P.b


      • Maggie

        Good suggestion! I think Sacha is one of TV3’s biggest assets and I hope they realise that and look after her well – otherwise someone else might snap her up! When it was announced that NIghtline would be replaced by Paul Henry, someone from Prime tweeted her to say she should go over there, and she replied that they should make her an offer! Joke or not, maybe Prime should introduce a late night show – a lot of people will not tune into Henry; and a lot of people do not like One’s late night news offering.
        You’re so right about 3rd Degree only needing one host. And the time slot. With all the talent they have on that show, they almost need two shows – both in prime time – because it can be weeks before you see some of the reporters. But I guess there aren’t enough stories to justify another show.