TV3 confirms Nightline will be making way for The Paul Henry Show

paul-henry-2013One of the worst kept secrets at TV3 has now been officially confirmed.  The Paul Henry Show will replace Nightline in 2014 which will be disappearing from our screens altogether – for the time being.

In the wake of recent speculation, TV3 wishes to confirm that late night bulletin 3 News: Nightline will take a break at the end of this year.

In 2014, TV3 will be taking a new approach to late night news with The Paul Henry Show, which will see Paul wrapping up the day’s events every weeknight at 10.30pm.

The Nightline brand remains a valued part of the 3 News stable and will sit in reserve for future years.

The change will result in an overall increase in headcount.  Most staff associated with Nightline already work across 3 News’ stable of programmes, and some may work on The Paul Henry Show, which will have a strong news component.

Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings says:  “Nightline has been a great programme for us over many years and produced some of our best broadcasters, but the landscape is due for change and Paul Henry will lead that change in later evening viewing.”

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  • Creativity

    “Paul wrapping up the day’s events every weeknight at 10.30pm” – doesn’t sound like it has much going for it. I think it could be a really great show if it was done the right way.

    My suggestion: The Paul Henry Show sounds boring. Call it PAUL HENRY LATE. It’s quicker to say and you have an idea that you’re gonna get some adult oriented antics. Make it an hour long and also put Jono & Ben and 7 Days on separate nights and extend them 10 minutes longer. I think these shows definitely have enough content as it seems like they’re edited in a fast-paced fashion to try and fit everything in. They would also provide a great lead-in for PAUL HENRY LATE (which would screen at a 10.15 on these nights) because they are very popular and would fit in nicely with the comedy theme.

    Obviously, Paul works best with other people to bounce ideas and opinions around with, so he needs a couple of sidekicks. My first pick? Petra Bagust. Coming off Breakfast I think she is looking to return to broadcasting as she had a cameo on Jono & Ben and was quite funny and quirky. She is a well-known NZ face who could react in shock to what Paul said, which would be hilarious. My other pick? Guy Montgomery. He recently finished hosting U Late and I found him very insightful, witty and snappy. His previous experience in late night telly would be helpful, along with appealing to the younger audience. Guy also does characters, which would make him perfect for a correspondent role.

    I think the hour long format would allow a lot more freedom and content which is more in line with the many late night shows produced in the US. What’s more, film it in front of a live audience in the early evening to be edited later, as the best bits are compiled to make the show funnier as a whole. You could start off with the day’s top stories told in a comedic way, and have Paul offer his opinions on them, especially politics (like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart). Guests from these stories could then come on and be asked ridiculous and offensive questions for loads of laughs. Afterwards, bring in the existing Nightline reporters who tell stories in a lighter, comedic tone. Other segments could include TV, movie and music reviews, sports send-ups, stand up comedy, musicians’ interviews and performances, stupid challenges and pointless correspondent stories.

    Now there’s a show worth watching!

    • Jeseta

      Very few details about the show have been released yet, your description could be exactly what they’re going to do! I don’t know about the co-host part though. I don’t think many people would be willing to take on that job – you couldn’t pay me enough to put up with him every week – they would have to be desperate!

  • Blair

    Very bad move for TV3, are they trying to match the move TVNZ made last year of dumbing down their 7pm current affairs show. TV3 instead decide to dumb their late night news show. Looks like I will be watching TV1 news in the evenings, not interested in Paul Henry news show.

    • Dave Ian Batten

      Yeah, I don’t know what the motivation for this was.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    The thing is, Paul Henry is so arrogant, it will be interesting how the ratings go. Or for that matter, social media. Because we all know how offensive he can get. E.G, the Dikshit incident.