7pm current affairs outperforming everything else

close-up-to-cl-ssIt has been reported that the decline in TV viewership in 2013 is down 5% on last year with the last few months down 10-15%.  Here is something to consider though.

In 2012, the combined viewership of Close Up and Campbell Live at 7pm was on average, 688,508 viewers each night.  In 2013, that number to date is 677,663.  That’s a decline of only 1.6%, or 10,845 viewers per night.

When you consider the overall drop in viewership, it would appear from these figures that the 7pm current affairs shows have not suffered nearly as much as everything else.  This could be interpreted as though current affairs, particularly at 7pm, is what viewers are interested in watching.

If we take the average audience of Close Up in 2012 and compare it with the Seven Sharp audience so far in 2013, there is a difference of 76,546 viewers.  Meanwhile, Campbell Live has increased its average audience in 2013 by 65,701 viewers per episode on last year.  With only 10,845 fewer people watching current affairs programs on either TV One or TV3 in 2013, the decline in television viewership that has many execs concerned isn’t hitting the 7pm current affairs shows, overall, nearly as much.

What is going to be very interesting is what changes TVNZ ring in for 2014.  Another year of declines at the current level will not excite anyone at the state broadcaster.  Campbell Live, on the other hand, will inevitably be relishing the opportunity to grow their audience by the same which, if they do, would almost certainly put them ahead of TV One.

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