Annual Performance Review: Q+A and The Nation

Q+A2012As the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at how the shows that appear on our screens week in and week out have compared to the previous year.  First up, it’s the weekend politics programs – TV One’s Q+A and TV3’s The Nation.

While Q+A screened at nine on Sunday mornings, The Nation debuted on Saturday mornings and then had a repeat at 8am on Sunday with an additional discussion panel to fill in the extra time available due to the absence of advertising during that time.

The Nation:

The Nation had an average audience of 13,289 viewers for its first run broadcasts and an additional 28,328 viewers on average for the second screening on Sundays.  The combined total being 41,617 although some of those viewers may just have tuned in for the additional panel discussion.

In 2012, The Nation had an average audience per episode for Saturdays of 13,837.  This is a 4% decrease.


Unsurprisingly, Q+A out-rated The Nation.  However, the

The average audience for Q+A in 2013 was 63,549 viewers per episode.  This is nearly five times the audience for the first screening of The Nation and more than double the Sunday morning re-screening.

In 2012, Q+A’s average audience was 76,564 viewers per episode.  The decline in 2013 is 21%.

The Nation received $890,840 in funding for 36 episodes from New Zealand On Air while Q+A received $800,000 for 38 episodes.

With 2014 being an election year, it is expected that the ratings for both of these programs will increase on the 2013 numbers.

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  • Maggie

    I think TVNZ should reinstate ‘Weekend Breakfast’ (albeit on a Sunday), and have ‘Q&A’ absorbed into that … mix it the current affiars and hard questions with a bit of light infotainment mixed in. That might bring the viewers back.
    I didn’t like ‘The Nation’ AT ALL … I found the host to be incredibly rude – she’d ask her subjects a question, then talk over the top of them when they responded. Susan Wood used to do that a lot too, but has become better over time.

    Sunday is better for this sort of programme – Saturdays are busy for a lot of people working, playing sport, etc.

    • Clint

      I agree with you in that the ‘personality(ies)’ are what make a show. And if people like the host/s of that show then they’ll tune in – they’re not going to watch something where they can’t stand the presenter/s.
      I’m not a fan of Rachael Smallie or Susan Woods because they both interrupt their guests and attack them. Paul Holmes did that too. The interview with Smallie and Cameron Slater (when the Len Brown affair story broke) was so painful to watch.
      There’s a guy who reads the news on 3 at midday. First name is Jeff; second name – I think – is Tait. He’s a very good newsreader and it would be good if 3 fostered talent like that instead of bringing back dinosaurs that have been shopped around the various radio stations and networks. It’s time for some new talent to shine through.