Casting call: The Block NZ 2014

blocknz300TV3 have announced they’re now receiving applications from couples eager to have a go on The Block NZ in 2014.

The search for next year’s Alice and Caleb, Loz and Tom, Alisa and Koan, and Pete and Andy has begun – the casting call for series three of The Block NZ is now open!

Producers are looking for four new teams – friends, family members or partners – to move into The Block NZ 2014, and star in the next series of the hit renovation-reality show.

The 2014 edition of The Block NZ will again see four New Zealand teams compete to renovate four dilapidated houses in an upmarket suburb – room-by-room, week-by-week, challenge-by-challenge – and sell them at auction for the highest price. 

The teams can be couples, family members, or friends, and can come from anywhere in New Zealand, but all contestants must be over 18-years-old.  Producers are looking for energetic people with a sense of humour and design flair. Previous home renovation experience might help (but it’s not required), but specialists in residential building and project management, painters and professional interior designers are excluded

Once selected, the four teams will literally live and breathe their DIY project for the shoot, living on site in The Block NZ houses.  There are no further eliminations; the winning couple is simply decided by the toughest judge of all, the real estate market. All four renovated houses will go to a LIVE TV auction, with The Block NZ 3 crown, and an additional cash prize, going to the couple whose property sells for the most over reserve.

In 2013, the series two contestants became household names as they worked around the clock to renovate and sell four North Shore houses.  On auction night, Alice and Caleb were crowned winners of The Block NZ 2 and walked away with a life-changing $261,000.  In 2012, inaugural winners Libby and Ben took home $237,000.  Who will it be in 2014?

The Block is one of the biggest reality formats in the world, with a compelling blend of real estate dreams and high stakes drama that has made it a global phenomenon – and turned New Zealand into a nation of
Block-o-holics.   It was TV3’s number one show in both 2012 and 2013, with 2,973,200 viewers turning in throughout the 2013 series (Nielsen TAM, 5+ cume).

The Block NZ 3 is produced by Eyeworks Television and will screen on TV3 in 2014.


·         Simply fill out the online form at and tell us why you’ve got what it takes to be part of The Block NZ.

·         Provide all the information you can and please remember to attach digital photographs of yourselves. Videos are welcomed too but are not compulsory, and cannot be returned.

·         The successful teams must be available for a twelve week shoot period from late March 2014.

·         You will be living in The Block NZ houses during the shoot and you will not be able to attend your usual place of work during this time. But a weekly allowance will be provided for you to take care of obligations back home.

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  • Trevor Ashman

    They should also bring back X Factor NZ next year 🙂

  • Maggie

    I’ve loved The Block ever since it first aired in Oz all those years ago when Andrew (whose surname escapes me) who worked with Paul Henry on that Breakfast show in Oz, was a contestant. It aired on Prime back then – back then, in the good ol’ days when Prime showed ‘Today’, ‘Burkes Backyard’, ‘Backyard Blitz’ and ‘The Block’. And it had Suzy Aiken doing the news. Those were the glory days, for sure.
    Anyhoo, despite the downsides of testing your relationships, sleep and stress patterns, and the producers making you out to either be a victim or a tyrant on the show, they do actually cover your rent / mortgage and other commitments while you’re away – so that’s pretty good! They also give you a living allowance.
    If I was ten years younger I’d definitely apply – even if you didn’t win, you’d pick up some great skills along the way and it would be a fantastic character building exercise.
    My advice to anyone considering going into the show is not to make the mistake (that I
    feel) Loz did, in that she responded to all the criticism on social media week after week … she even responded to the thread started on Trade Me in her honour after the auction, where someone called her a sour face! Honestly, the best thing to do is rise above it and don’t comment AT ALL – actually, don’t even go near social media; especially in this country, where anyone on TV seems fair game for the haters to swoop down and attack!

    • Jeseta

      I still feel like Loz came out of it looking like a nice person, I don’t think she dug herself too deep of a hole like some people implied she did. Loz and Tom were so lovely the whole series, it would be silly to have your opinion of her changed just because she was disappointed with the outcome.

      • Maggie

        I’m sure she’s a lovely person but the producers made her look either like a crybaby when they didn’t win anything or things went wrong; or like a gloater when they were on their winning streak. They also made Koan and Alisa the bad guys from day one.
        Alas, that’s what makes good telly – they apply the same formula in the Oz version, and indeed last year’s NZ series had Richard and Sarah cast as the villains and Rachel and Tyson as the underdogs.
        At the end of the day, these cameras are following the contestants around constantly and the producers are only going to pick out the controversial bits for TV, and to add to their ‘character storyline’, otherwise it wouldn’t be any ‘fun’ to watch.
        I do wish they’d show more technique stuff on The Block though – I gather that the contestants only really have to do shopping and painting – they have experts to do everything else – but it would be nice to hear from some of those other professionals about what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it. It would be great if TV3 added a page to cover off this, as well as ‘where to buy’, on their website.

        • Jeseta

          I agree with you on the Alisa and Koan as the bad guys front but I definitely thought Loz and Tom were painted in a continuously good light during the series – It’s funny how people can see the same things differently!

          I agree about seeing the more technical stuff. With three episodes a week showing the drama and not the actual work was a little annoying. I don’t enjoy the challenges either, I think they serve little purpose. I would like to see the process of interior design a little more detailed. How do they come to the style decisions etc? They show the line drawing style plan for the layout of the room but I’d like an equal focus on the plan for the style of each room – fabrics, furniture style, etc

  • Jeseta

    I’d really love to see an older couple next season, all the couples have so far been young’ns and I think for variety’s sake they should cast the net a little further. I’d love to see how a couple or siblings in their 50s would approach the competition and if they would have different skills and experiences to bring to it. I understand most of the entrants will be younger because it’s quite a grueling show, but I hope the producers are open to people that don’t fit the ‘young and attractive’ mold they have so far adhered to.

    • Maggie

      Yes, that would be good – I absolutely loved “House Rules” and found the older couple on that quite refreshing.
      I can’t wait for “House Rules” to come back next year 🙂

      • Jeseta

        I never watched House Rules and was a bit annoyed it took up a big chunk of the schedule, I just can’t watch Aussie TV – the accents are too much after just a few minutes! 😀

        • Maggie

          It was SO good – the contestants had to do ALL the work, fiddly electrical, plumbing and tiling work aside. They worked incredibly hard and all got amazing houses out of it (and the semi-finalists got designer gardens, too).
          There was a huge emphasis on the personality clashes (some of the people were such a**es!), as is the case with all these programmes, but they also showed a lot of technique which was fantastic.
          It was an amazing show that made The Block look a bit lethargic in comparison.

          • Jeseta

            That’s interesting. The Block made it seem that they needed official tradies to do alot of that type of work – I wonder if there are different building standards in Australia or if it’s just a show choice.