Who dies on Shortland Street?

Another Shortland Street season finale and another explosive Christmas cliffhanger saw 2013 end with a beach house blowing up and both Rachel McKenna and Chris Warner falling through a balcony into the flames. Roimata Ngatai and TK Samuels also bore the brunt of the explosion.

As per the promo for 2014, at least one of the characters is dead. But who is it?

Shortland Street returns on the 13th of January 2014 and until then, TVNZ will be releasing a clue per day as to who won’t be on the cast list next year.

Here is the first clue:

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  • A

    Roimata and Josh die I think

    • kk

      no Roimatata and josh both dont die is saw the trailer

      • bobscoffee

        They said someone from the trailer will die. Both of them appeared in the trailer, therefore there is a chance either of them may die.

      • Shannon Britton

        yeah exactly and the bomb exploded the oppisite way from roimata :/

        • micky

          im preety sure that Emma dies too

          • micky


          • Andrew

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbMrRfxGs2Y Found this one in our searching for who dies…

          • Holly

            Roimata dies because in real life she is having a baby an she can’t have a baby while she is on here

          • Jen Page


  • kaitsta

    i think Bella is talking on the phone and died

  • Maggie

    Regan, your Blog just keeps getting better – love it! 🙂
    Well, apparently three people died – “Bree” said that on her interview on “Good Morning” the other day, and “Roimata” also confirmed that in her interview with ZM yesterday morning.
    We know Travis is dead – Vasa killed him with her car on Thursday night, and then she dressed up in a hoody and slashed her tyres to make it look like him.
    There is no way “Chris” or “Rachel” will die – those two pretty much make Shortland Street what it is.
    I don’t really know who from the party might die, but I’m thinking “Brooke” might slip into a coma and die after her operation (we saw her awake and smile at Boyd, but I think she might go into a coma in the first episode of the new series).
    So that leaves one to try and guess … maybe “Dallas” or perhaps even “Grace” …
    It could be that “Bree” dies, but I hope not – I hope she comes back, as she’s quite an interesting character and her likeness to “Brooke” is amazing casting.

    • Roger

      So Travis is dead, and don’t forget the mum on life support, so that is 2 people dead, and so only one from the party or possibly Brooke needs to die to make it 3.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    Oh shut up and end already!

  • January is too far away

    I think either Toby or Harry dies. SO SAD PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE!!

  • Mr X

    My will to live died, at the idea of watching Shortland St

  • shorty

    I think it is kylie or gracie as you don’t see any of them

    • Shannon Britton

      but it said one of those people on the advert thing so no it isnt dah

      • Shaeleigh

        I read a thing on a website that said about all the deaths that have ever happened on Shorty and right at the bottom it said Travis who died in a hit and run on the tenth of December 2013 and under that it said Everyone who dies from a bomb on The 10th as well, it says that at Least one dies one being the one in the add but everyone could actually die

        • ruby

          Anyone can edit that and it’s false 🙂

    • ruby

      In the clue it says: Kylie will survive

  • danielle

    Well I dont think it would be josh that dies. BecauSe you wouldnt have all that drama of him. And it only caught the house on fire. Not the shed too. I think he would kidnap bella because tk left bella with josh. And its not brooke that dies, because it showed the tailer for next year. And they only showed people from the beach house apart from harry and toby. And it says “only one of those people will die.” Or something like that.

    • Bart David Jajjo

      Yeah think about it josh is the main character right now coz they all r thinking about him right now

  • nira

    well i think we have to see.all the clues are adding to tk but in the trailer rachel is da only one crying so it has to be anyone close to her and i think its chris :C wahhhh cant wait till it starts

    • Shannon Britton

      well maybe its her that dies??

  • nira

    plus it dosent matters if they where seen in the trailer cause it says one of them die so the people who appeared on the trailer it is out of them

  • Michelle

    What I can’t work out with the trailer is… are the people in the trailer the ones that definitely live, or the list of possible people who die. Logically, Roimata, Chris and Rachel, as well as Josh and TK were the ones that would die considering what happened to them at the end. I don’t believe they’d kill off Chris and if they kill off Rachel I’ll stop watching! I don’t think they’d kill off TK either, Roimata could die she was practically stood next to the bomb when it went off, I want Bella to die she’s being doing my head in for years – and the “clue” could be to mislead us, just because she doesn’t die straight off in the explosion, doesn’t mean she doesn’t die. I thought Kylie or Emma are likely deaths as well, Emma is an annoying character, kill her off, and maybe Grace, but as she’s an old character maybe not, though at least it would mean Rachel could be CEO again!

    As for Brooke, I sort of think they wouldn’t kill her off, she’s long running and a huge part of the show, but, I keep thinking about whatever Josh injected into that lady to put her on life support, if it gets into the kidney, it could affect Brooke… I dunno!

    • rose

      your probbely right 🙂

    • Harrison

      Only one character featured in the trailer dies. Which means characters who aren’t in it could die as well.

    • Shannon Britton

      but the bomb exploded the oppisite way from her

      • Shantelle Maree Green

        Just watched it again. The explosion went sideways before it went up

  • boom

    how died nada no

  • boom

    ummm I don’t now


    bellas on the phone


    i hope roimata dies cos then tk will relise it wasnt her fault and he will show emotion for her

  • Caitlin

    well obviously kylie doesnt die, she was on the phone! you can tell its her coz of the way she talks at the end.. dallas, toby, harry, grace, harper and nate wernt even near the house when it happened, so its either, emma, chris, rachel, Roimata, josh, tk, bella, and their all the ones that are in the video promo thing????

    • Shannon Britton

      its bela on the phone

  • Cookie

    I think Harry dies because Rachel is in the car with the man and the coffin

    • ruby

      I think thats her wedding car

  • short

    if tk dies then sarah will be feeling sorry for herself again.

  • Deacon Barton-Cootes

    If roimata dies then it would carry on with tk hating himself and josh, and what if josh kidnaps Bella? Because of the drugs and the urge for him to have her ?

  • Deacon Barton-Cootes

    Chris and Rachel fell threw the balcony, Chris is already weak from the last injury so maybe that could have affected him and Rachel could blame her self for not having his baby:L

    • micky

      but she gave them permission to have a baby

      • Deacon Barton-Cootes

        Yes I know that

        Sent from my iPad

  • jayjay

    bella is the only one that isn’t on the trailer but the way that tk and josh look at the coffen as it goes by make it look like roimata because they both have history with her, and I think that Rachel and chris get married, josh kidnapps bella and vasa killed travis

  • Katie

    Rachel’s the one leaving. Just saying. She was in the TV guide that she’s finally leaving for good coz of her drug/drinking problem.

    • Bryleigh

      Ruin it much

  • becky

    at 00;53 near the end it sounds like somone is calling racheal.and in the phone call at the end josh cuts her off………..

    • rose

      i think that roimata dies because shes like right next to the bomb but then she could of not died. so ? but then im thinking rachel and chris arent dead because they could of ran from the fire. but obviesly brooke and that wouldnt of died they could of run outside. so what im thinking is one of these people have died harry,rachel,roimata,tk,or bella have died??? just wait for the clues these clues arent making sense who else thionks the same ?????

      • Shannon Britton

        yeah but the bomb exploded the oppisite way from her

  • pizza

    its probably someone who is leaving like on another show or something and roimata has been on seven sharp as guest lately

  • Ashna

    I think its bella thats going to die since shes not in the video

    • Bayley

      Well no they person or people that die are in the video at the end because Bella was not near it sooo………………… yea

      • ruby

        She could still die

      • Tonii Rose Brown

        bella was bhind TK when he went under to see what roimata was doing. if you look you can see her top, Just like how harry jumps off when rachel falls down….. any way it is emma who dies she was on top of it so she would have been stuck, and eeveryone else was in places wea they could escape and not be traped….

    • Shannon Britton

      yeah but she is talking on the phone after the explosion some of you people are dumb god!!

      • uhiulkjjkjhk

        i think that josh could kill bella thoe to so protect her from the evil people

      • ruby

        But she has a rare heart disease that is caused from stress and she seemed pretty stressed so she could sill die :T

      • Harry Doble

        yeah shes on the phone but at the end of the call she says”oh oh oh theres josh-“and thats the last thing she says so josh could have killed her

        • Dedar

          um nah he loves her he would have kidnapped her

      • reggie

        it is not real but real fire

      • Jasmyn

        Yeeah well Josh could’ve attacked her

    • Dedar

      um who made the emergency call? in clue 1????

  • Dave Ian Batten

    Shortland Street is so old, it’s grave will be the whole of Russia.

  • cate

    It’s a trick . I’m sure bell will die.
    Since josh loves her so much and his plan backfired by putting bombs there. Just because Raumata was so close to the bomb doesn’t say anything…

  • ???

    I think chris dies because rachel just agreed to marry him and let him have the baby and in the ad the driver looks at Roimata but not Chris and Rachels crying.But where were Harry and Toby??It probably wont be Roimata because that would be the most obvious

  • Bob

    It’s Bella on the phone you idiots, Bella says Emma’s name so obviously its not Emma. It doesn’t even sound like her you crazy people hahaha Rachel dies end of story.

  • Brad

    I thought Bella talks on the phone bla bla bla then the 2nd gas bottle goes boom and then a bit of wood hits her she bleeds to death and that’s it

  • Paige

    I think harry dies because Sarah is in the car for someone special so she can be with her son

    • ruby

      You mean rachel?

  • Hanna

    Who’s dead

  • shocked

    i think it is kylie on the phone

  • Charlie

    What I don’t get is that when the bomb exploded, roimata and TK would have died, as well as the people on the balcony, and Josh and bella would have died as well.
    But then again, they couldn’t kill off pretty much all of the characters, could they?

  • Hannah Spragg

    i no that Chris dies cause Chris moved or something in real life

  • ella

    well on twitter nicole posted that dayna’s mum dosent count so 2 people die but i think it’s emma cause she jumped in and harry cause we could’nt find him.

  • rissa kiel

    I think roimata & chris or racheal dies

  • darkshadow

    i think rachael dies because there is no backseat in the hearse in the video

  • age

    Age thinks its not tk and chris

  • Jasmyn

    Roimata’s death was very emotional even TK didn’t take it that well and I hope Harper and TK get together now 🙂 My new favourite shorty street character is Kylie <3

  • Jasmyn

    Roimata death was sad and TK got very emotional now in the future Vasa is in jail for her murdering Travis but before it started I thought Bree would’ve killed Travis because she needed ‘money’ and they both live in flats next to each other. Dania will go mental (I’ve seen her in irl life because her cousin goes to my old primary school) 😀 I also think Kylie and Nate may break up and Ula will go crazy that her mother is in prison.