Great Southern Television scores big win with Coast Australia


After 8 series of Coast in the UK, Great Southern Television are making quite the impression with the first internationally licensed version of the show, Coast Australia.

Coast Australia debuted on Foxtel in Australia on the 2nd of December and delivered the highest audience ever for a documentary series in Australian subscription television history with 234,000 viewers.

What’s more, the 8 x 60-minute series has now been picked up for broadcast in the UK on BBC2 early in 2014.

BBCW UK & ANZ managing director Marcus Arthur said the series was “visually arresting.”

“It’s also a great example of BBC Worldwide adding value to the licence fee in two ways, by extending UK viewers’ enjoyment of a programme they love – and by generating revenue abroad in order to reinvest in the BBC,” he said.

Coast Australia’s executive producer and Great Southern managing director Phil Smith added: “We have treated the Coast format with the ultimate respect, endeavouring to replicate the intelligence and charm of the great UK series.”

Of the 234,000 viewers on Coast’s launch night on Foxtel, 139,000 or 59% watched live and 95,000 or 41% watched it timeshifted (23% or 54,000 same day timeshifted and 18% or 41,000 1-7 days timeshifted).



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  • Maggie

    Wow – great stuff. Is that Phil Smith’s company – the husband of Leanne Malcolm (ex-TV3 Nightline, now adhoc reporter for them)?

  • oh shit

    Choice was deleted off my freeview box almost a week ago , I found the only program worth watching was “coast” program, a part from that there is nothing worth looking at.

    Dont worry TV2 & TV2+1 also got deleted this is because of a program called “Oh Shit” on at 7:30pm Saturday, to be honest I have never watched this program but while I was watching another show on TV the shorts for “oh shit” where there was a person blind folded sniffing the fart of someone bending over in front of him This totally put me off, if we are expected to watch this type of dung on TV I do not want that station on my freeview box

    Now I find it a bit easier or quicker to switch between the other stations undeleted on the freeview box