Mediaworks secure Fox deal

This just in from Mediaworks but where is Homeland and Modern Family?


MediaWorks TV has announced a new relationship with major US studio 20thCentury Fox Television, securing a raft of programming that will play across both TV3 and FOUR.

FOUR is the main beneficiary of the deal, which will see programmes like New Girl, Glee, The Simpsons, Family Guy and more returning to the channel in 2014.  MediaWorks will also return to its Fast FOUR strategy later in the year, with many FOX programmes broadcast in New Zealand the ‘same week as the States.’

TV3’s most popular international drama,Sons of Anarchy, will return, and the much anticipated final season of How I Met Your Mother and new series of The Simpsonswill play on TV3.  The deal also includes the new Robin Williams comedy The Crazy Ones, two new network dramas, Crisis andGang Related, and a first run feature package that gives MediaWorks movies like The Descendants, Ice Age: Continental Drift and Prometheus for both TV3 and FOUR.

MediaWorks TV Director of Programming, Mark Caulton says the new agreement provides exciting opportunities for 20thCentury Fox Television Distribution and MediaWorks.

“This is fantastic news for the company, our viewers and our clients.  This new deal with FOX secures some of the very best international television for TV3 and FOUR audiences, and we couldn’t be happier to have reached an agreement that works for both parties.

“We’re delighted to have our key FOX shows back on air, and we head into 2014 in the best possible position to deliver great value to our viewers and commercial clients.

Schedule information will be available in due course.

FOX programming coming to TV3 and FOUR in 2014:

Sons of Anarchy
Family Guy
The Simpsons
Gang Related
The Crazy Ones
American Dad
Bob’s Burgers
How I Met Your Mother
New Girl
Raising Hope
Burn Notice

The deal also includes a movie package and library content.

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  • Drew Horan

    Well thank gawd! Great news especially for FOUR! Maybe Homeland is off to Soho and where is Sleepy Hollow?

  • Mark Wasley

    Glad Glee’s coming back.

  • p.b

    looks like modern family wasn’t part of the package, butif it saved tv3 money then good for them and if it helps ive already seen the entire 6th season of sons so I wont be watching anywaes haha

  • Aaron

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is easily the best new US show, so why isn’t it on the list either? Seems a great fit for Four.

    • Jeseta

      It might make it in after the first season is over. I really enjoy it too.

  • Aaron

    And HIMYM is moving to 3? It’s a bit odd and far overdue at the same time. I didn’t even know about the show when it was on C4 back in the day.

    • Reece

      Its actually moving back to TV3. The show initially began on TV3 and clearly didn’t rate well enough to stay there so it was shifted to C4. So an odd move.

  • Paul Hartland

    Any news on where homeland is

  • Trevor Ashman

    Wish New Girl was on TV3 ….love to see it in HD 🙂

  • Russell Gray

    Not only is Homeland missing, but so is Bones and the remaining episodes of Touch.

  • Citizen Cane

    So “The Americans” is set for SOHO I guess. That sucks.

  • Drew Horan

    Homeland, The Americans, American Horror Story bound for Soho and Sleepy Hollow, Modern Family and Bones to air on Prime!

  • Blair

    If The Simpsons and Family Guy end up on FOUR I won’t watch it, I will download the episodes the instead. Why?? Because I will want to watch those shows in HD, if the episodes end up on TV3 I will watch. As for the other shows I am not too worried as I don’t normally watch them.