The NZGT Sympathy card lives on

paula-bisphanYou would think that with the show over there would be nothing more to say about New Zealand’s Got Talent.  Unfortunately, there is not.  On Saturday I received an email from one of the contestants who was “deeply hurt and very upset” about the comments I’d made about their singing on the talent show.  What I wrote was:

Paula Bisphan is appalling.

That was it.  She was.  Like many of the unrealistic wannabes who present their vocals as talent to the world to be judged.  There was little context around her as far as I can recall and like many of the auditionees, I moved on fairly quickly in the search for something worth getting excited about.  However, it appears as though Bispahn is perhaps disappointed that she didn’t get to play her sympathy card like many of the others on NZGT who unfairly snuck through to the next round.

She writes:

I was deeply hurt and very upset about the comments you published Regan about my singing act on Nzs Got talent. It wasn’t my best day when I auditioned as tragically my precious son died the day before my audition from acute cardiac failure. and the nzs got talent staff only found out after I had ,my husband told them and they commended me on my bravery and sent me flowers from the judges and whole crew which I was amazed by their kindness. So please apologise to me and you should not write scathing comments about me when you don’t know the heartache and pain  that I was experiencing that day of my audition.

A very heart broken mother, I sang walk right back to a backing track that did not enhance my voice also and I sang the song for my son  and with the words it was very hard to sing it with out crying ok

Paula Bisphan

It is tragic when you lose someone close to you but if Paula thinks my brief comment, which I completely stand by as being 100% accurate, is somehow wrong because of circumstances disclosed or not, she is seriously mistaken.  Was it brave to get up on stage and audition after such an event?  You bet!  But that doesn’t make her appalling performance somehow bearable? No way!

Too many people on these talent shows want to ride off the back of some misfortune rather than what we’re actually tuning in to see.  I have no time for it.


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  • Jeseta

    Agreed Regan, It’s New Zealands Got Talent, not New Zealands Got Sob Stories.

    Also, priorities much? Maybe skip the talent show audition in that situation?….

  • K

    Hahahaha Father Jack!!!!

  • Maggie

    Regan, I couldn’t agree more.
    If you’re at risk of having your feelings hurt, don’t go on TV – plain and simple!
    I sympathise with her tragic loss but that’s got nothing to do with her performance or your opinion of her performance.
    I wish she’d taken the time to proof-read her blurb before sending it to you – I had to read through it twice to understand it.