The Paul Henry Show will have a news anchor

janika-ter-ellenThe Paul Henry Show appears to be starting to take shape with the announcement of the producers and a news anchor.  Does this mean Janika ter Ellen will be doing what Carrie Bickmore did on Rove?

TV3 also announced today that Janika ter Ellen will be the news anchor for The Paul Henry Show, the network’s new late night news programme which premieres early in 2014.

Janika has been a reporter for 3 News for the past three years, based in the Wellington bureau, and has worked across Firstline, 3 News’ 6pm bulletin, and Nightline, covering everything from The Scott Guy trial to New Zealand Fashion Week.

Mark Jennings says:  “Janika is a real up-and-comer, one of the talented journalist/presenters who continue to come out of the 3 News stable.  We think she will form an excellent combination with Paul in what promises to be the most interesting addition to our News and Current affairs programming for 2014.”

TV3 also confirmed Fiona McMillan as the executive producer of The Paul Henry Show.  Fiona is currently executive producer of Firstline, and her background includes five years as executive producer of Worldwide Exchange at CNBC.

Current Firstline producer, Rebekah Ferretti, will executive produce the programme from January 2014.  She will be joined by producer Paul Mayow, who is currently producing Nightline.

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  • Jeseta

    What a surprise, Paul partnered with an attractive young woman who he is sure to embarrass at every turn. I hope she is getting paid big bucks to work with him….

  • Maggie

    Oh, okay – so it’s going to be quite a beefed-up show in terms of staff then? I thought it was going to be just him, with the occasional guest(s) … I’m surprised they have the budget for it.
    It’s a shame they didn’t pick Suzie Nordquist (sp?) for this role – she used to do a great job filling Sacha’s shoes on Nightline when she went on leave.
    I’m not familiar with this Janika person.
    TV3 seems to have a lot of good talent that they don’t really do very much with – Samantha Hayes is one person that springs to mind.

  • P.b

    The only problem with tv3 going for breakfast but at night which to me sounds like what it’s going to be with Paul Henry’s show. Is the timeslot nobody’s gonna wanna wait til 10.30 ish to listen to him he’s not that much of a pull anymore,