Shortland Street's Ben Mitchell suspended from driving, again

ben_mitchellMany kiwis will be clocking up demerit points over the summer as the police enforce their 4kph speed tolerance so here’s a little story they should learn from.

Shortland Street actor, Ben Mitchell, has had his licence suspended after being caught driving when he shouldn’t be.

A Shortland Street actor known for his love of driving won’t be getting behind the wheel for at least another seven months.

Benjamin Harawira Quid Mitchell, better known as the hunky Dr T K Samuels on the iconic kiwi medical drama, pleaded guilty in Auckland District Court this morning, to a charge of driving while suspended.

The heart-throb actor lost his licence in October for excess demerit points but was caught behind the wheel on Hobson St on December 6, the court heard.

“He says he was very, very busy on that day and didn’t have someone to drive him around. He had important things to do so he says he took the chance,” his lawyer said.

“He realises it was foolish and takes responsibility for that.”

A community magistrate fined him $300 and disqualified him from driving for six months, which would start at the end of January when his previous suspension was to end.

Ironically, just prior to having his licence taken off him in October, Mitchell did an interview for granny in which he talked about his love for his fast car and dislike for slow drivers

What do you drive?

A black Holden SSVE 2010. It’s powerful. And it looks good. It suits me.

What is the main consideration if you are buying a car?

Well, I am never one to follow the rules, so I am probably not the right person to ask, but I think it’s important to know whether you can afford the car before you go about buying it. There’s no point in going beyond your means for the sake of a car which will eventually devalue anyway.

Do you have a pet hate on the road?

Don’t get me started on my pet hates. Slow people, people who can’t drive. I am a bit impatient at the best of times so anyone who stops my flow really annoys me.

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  • Maggie

    “He says he was very, very busy on that day and didn’t have someone to drive him around.” – Any normal, down-to-earth, law-abiding citizen, would just take public transport or a taxi. They should’ve thrown the book at him.

  • bobscoffee

    He comes across as very arrogant in that article.