Sloppy seconds for TVNZ

New_Zealands_Got_Talent_logoLast nights win by Renee Maurice on New Zealand’s Got Talent was a bit anticlimactic.  After failing to make the finals on TV3’s The X Factor New Zealand earlier in the year, for obvious reasons, Maurice then tried out for the show that was more suited to her.  She then went on to win the public vote and walk away with the $100,000 prize and car.

It’s not the first time a contestant has appeared on two shows.  Most recently has been Taylor Henderson in Australia who was the runner up on Australia’s Got Talent in 2010 and then this year, came runner up on The X Factor Australia.  The only difference is that Henderson didn’t enjoy $3.2 million in public funding for his exposure.

It seems rather pointless to have had all that public money thrown at two shows and having had the winner of one of them initially build her profile from the other one.  All it has done is reinforce the belief that we have a very shallow talent pool in New Zealand.  Of course, that only exists in our ability to produce a quality talent show that produces results other than advertising revenue.

Maurice’s win also reinforces the belief that New Zealand’s Got Talent really is nothing more than a singing competition disguised as a variety show.

Further more, Maurice will go on to have an even lower profile than last year’s winner.  Can you even remember her name?

I can’t imagine there ever being another series of New Zealand’s Got Talent.  I can’t say I’ll be disappointed.  There is plenty of opportunity for a show that is serious about nurturing talent but at this point that position is being completely ignored over the inane and average.

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  • P

    Man, it must take a lot of energy being so negative Regan.

    • Jeseta

      Nah, being right is pretty easy aye.

      • Roger

        You are such a suck up Jeseta.

        • Jeseta

          I’m sorry but how exactly is agreeing with someone ‘sucking up’? I don’t see what good sucking up to Regan would do, what benefit would I get from that?.

  • JMcKJ

    I totally agree with you Regan. I thought it was complete s***

  • Who cares if people swap between shows. The system allows it so why not take advantage of it? Stan Walker did the same thing. Though Maurice will never be famous beyond that, I wouldn’t be complaining about a free car and 100k.

  • Russell Gray

    I prefered Brian & Marie’s dancing to Silhouette’s but I guess that’s just an opionion. Did Silhouette get the sympathy vote simply because the guy plays rugby?

    • Jeseta

      Sympathy because he has to dance? 😀 I really liked Brian and Sarah too but I think Silhouette may have received more votes because their style seemed a little more unique.

      I know they are probably too young but during the final I thought to myself ‘They should get Brian and Sarah to be professionals on the new Dancing with the Stars!’