TV Talk: 13 December 2013

Last night I attended Freeview’s “Analog TV is Goneburger” party at the Food Truck garage in Auckland.  There are a couple of things I will get to later on today from that but it is interesting to note that Freeview is now in more than 60% of homes.

With digital tv now here, are you a Freeview only, subscription only or mixed household?

If there’s anything else you’d like to discuss about TV, you know the drill.

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • David Finch

    With Freeview in 60% of homes and with smaller channels such as Choice reporting increased audience figures since the digital switchover, it’s interesting – but depressing – to ponder how well established TVNZ7 might have been by now if it had not been taken from us by a short-sighted government and a complicit TVNZ with no regard for genuine public service broadcasting.

    • Jas

      Problem with TVNZ7 was that it was a ‘section of the puplic service broadcasting’ not public service broadcasting.

      • David Finch

        I’m curious to know what you mean. What section of the public do you think it was catering to?

  • Maggie

    We have SKY in our house – a main set, and then a second decoder in the bedroom. In all honesty though, I’m contemplating getting rid of the second decoder as the main channels I love to watch – Living and CI – are full of repeated, and repetitive, shows that can also be seen elsewhere. It’s just not worth it anymore.

  • Maggie

    Good news for fans of ‘Winners and Losers’ – the season 4 trailer was posted to their Facebook page last night.
    If you haven’t seen season 3 (it wasn’t aired in NZ and won’t be, as TVNZ have dumped it), then you might want to do that first as the trailer otherwise won’t make sense.
    I love this show! Stupid TVNZ for cancelling yet another fantastic show – if they hadn’t chopped the last series in two, maybe more people would have watched it!

    • Drew Horan

      Exciting!! Im gonna have to binge watch season three now but does anyone know if another network is going to pick up Winners next year? Yeah TVNZ destroyed the programme this year and to just give up on it really does SUCK!

  • Anna Nonymous

    Here’s some Seven Sharp gossip for y’all, courtesy of

    1. Did Tamati Coffey burn his bridges and resign from Seven Sharp in a huff, as rumoured? Coffey says no, he’s still renegotiating his contract and rubbishes rumours of drama antics.

    2. Is Ali Mau upping and leaving? Reports from TVNZ insist she’s moving on from Seven Sharp, but Mau says she’s “a permanent staff member and returning to the show on January 20”. Too many tittle-tattlers at TVNZ?

    I’ve heard stories about both, so where there’s smoke there’s surely fire …

    • Dave Ian Batten

      Tamati isn’t on Seven Sharp, is he?

      • Maggie

        He was the running favourite of the “interviewees” they’re trialing at the moment. Until very recently, he was on just about every night.

        • Dave Ian Batten

          He’s better off on Seven Sharp than New Zealand’s Got Talent. He gave it a shot, but it didn’t work.

    • Maggie

      i don’t think Ali will be going anywhere – she tried that already (going to Prime) and look how that ended up. Unless of course they offered her something really amazing. But such opportunities are few and far between these days.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Tamati has a big ego – I would too, if all I ever read about my performance was glowing reviews … NZ’s Got Talent has certainly raised his profile, boosted his career and increased his fan base.

    • k

      link not working….anybody get a copy of it?

      • Maggie

        Go to the NZ Herald home page and type ‘The Diary’ into the search box – then scroll to the bottom of the first article (once you open it).
        I think Seven Sharp should have Ali and Heather as co-hosts – they’re really great together. Heather’s a natural at the presenting role.

  • Grabate

    Wonder how Igloo an TiVo are doing.

  • Jeseta

    Freeview only. Won’t pay for a package of channels when I would only watch two or three. Standard pay TV is on the out anyway, netflix style online content distribution is where we are headed.

    • Jas

      You think so? For movies maybe partly but for sports pay TV is still the way it will be. Online content distribution cannot match cable/terrestial for performance and picture quality for sports. Also a lot of viewers don’t want the hassle of needing 3 – 4 devices when 1 or 2 is pefectly fine with no lag time from start to think about watching to actually getting the product.

      • Jeseta

        Yes sorry, I wasn’t taking sports into account as I don’t watch them. In fact that’s the main reason I won’t subscribe to pay TV, having to pay for packages that include sports channels I’m NEVER going to watch! For general entertainment like Movies, HQ Drama series etc – I think the online model provides the best experience for the consumer.

  • Danny TV Professional

    ‘Media 3’ – now ‘Media Matters’. Show has been picked up by MTS, apparently with new co-host and a nod towards some Maori-specific issues in its remit.

    Russell Brown’s announcement on Public Address here;

    Hope it gets a good refresh; seems and looks oddly low tech in a era where shows can be polished up, relatively cheaply, to look more lavish than their budgets. Does it really need to be in a studio, for instance? Does it really need Russell?