TVNZ messes with Coronation Street schedule again

CoronationstreetPrepare for the backlash.  TVNZ is messing with the Coronation Street schedule again.

We’re making a change to the Coronation Street schedule in the new year.

We are shifting all the week’s Coronation Street programming into one two-hour block on Friday nights, starting at 7.30pm on January 3rd on TV ONE.

While Coronation Street has a very loyal audience following, it’s not attracting any new viewers and overall audiences for the show are declining year on year. Based on this viewer trend we’ve decided to consolidate prime time screening of the show onto one night per week. This will be complemented by half hour instalments in the daytime for those who are not able to record it or watch it online.

Avid Coronation Street fans will have three viewing options in the New Year:

  1. Peak time TV: 7.30 – 9.30pm Friday nights
  2. Off Peak TV: 1.00 – 1.30pm Tuesday to Friday
  3. Online: TVNZ Ondemand anytime, all week

With this choice of viewing, we’re confident fans won’t miss out.

Why they don’t just relinquish the show to Prime or UKTV is simply beyond me.  I’m sure the poor person manning the complaints hotline over summer is really going to be regretting passing up time at the beach for work.


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  • Drew Horan

    My thoughts exactly!! Why don’t they just give it to Prime where it would be treated with some dignity!! Atleast we would be able to catch up. Maybe if TVONE closed the gap in screenings and promoted the show then it would gain new viewers. This is appalling and how long before it is consigned to daytime like Emmerdale!!

    • Bill

      One can only dream

    • Russell Gray

      In the UK it is 30 minute episodes from SUNDAY to Thursday. As far as I know, it has never been played on a Sunday here. If it was on Prime, maybe it would be Sunday to Friday at 7pm or even seven days a week?

  • Bogues

    In Australia it is shown on UKTV only, usually in the daily top twenty for the Pay TV ratings too (no idea how close to the UK broadcast they are). Not really sure its suited to Prime’s target demos.

  • mick le prick

    Or just go to Youtube and watch the latest episodes TVNZ ad free direct from UK
    The suits at TVNZ and TV3 are yet to wake up IM in control now i have Netflix, Hulu and Youtube…so stick your dictatorship of last century. I can watch what i want when i want.

  • Adam

    I’m Big Fan of Coro so just leave it on Friday Night. Nobody want to Watch Prime or UKTV. TVONE always the winner

  • Russell Gray

    Ironic that Emmerdale here is much closer to the UK than Coro is. TV ONE are currently playing June 2013 episodes of Emmerdale and it looks as if they’ll be cutting back from next year.

    • Reece

      I remember Emmerdale used to be years behind but since they doubled episodes they have gradually caught up.

  • David Finch

    Perhaps, TVNZ, overall audiences for Coronation Street wouldn’t be declining “year on year” (just how many years are we comparing, by the way?) if you had kept it in its Tuesday night slot or stripped half hours over the week instead of dumping episodes on Friday nights – certainly the least soap friendly night of the week. Shortland Street never rates particularly well on a Friday either. Ratings will inevitably tail off – partly because a show made to be watched in half hour instalments is being lumped into a two hour omnibus. Even die hard fans might find that hard going. In a year’s time (less?) we’ll be told that Coro isn’t sustainable in prime time. Obvious and insulting.

    • David Finch

      There’s a very telling sentence in that TVNZ press release: “This will be complemented by half hour instalments in the daytime for those who are not able to record it or watch it online.” A brazen admission that they don’t expect – or even want – people to watch the show on Friday nights.

      • Drew Horan

        This is what worries me about the move, it looks as though they are already preparing for Coro to make the move permanently to daytime and getting the audience ready by adding a catchup during the day as well as dumping it all on Friday night which signals the death of this iconic programme. Friday nights are terrible nights for soap operas and with TVNZ not firing on Friday with intense competition from TV3’s comedy block, how long before TVNZ pulls the plug on Coro in primetime. TVNZ should not give up on Coro and need to look to last years exceptional ratings for the 50th anniversary special which brought in unusually high ratings and a new audience to the programme. Something has to be done to stop the inevitable with this latest move to kill Coro!

  • Maggie

    Oh my goodness – that’s not at all like TVNZ to balls-up the schedule of a show like that … said no-one ever!
    Seriously, they do this all the time with shows – why don’t they listen to the ‘little people’? Not everyone stops for over a month over Christmas like TVNZ do (and seem to think the viewers do, too).

  • ITV

    The Coronation Street schedule in the UK is two 30min episodes on Monday and Friday (7:30pm and 8:30pm) and one 30min episode on Wednesday and sometimes an hour long episode on Sunday if Friday conflicts with International Football. So 2.5 hours a week. Emmerdale is 30min episode a day Mon-Fri with an extra 30min episode on Thursday (I think). 3 hours a week.
    I’m guessing the TVNZ 1pm slot on Monday will be for Emmerdale keeping 3 hours a week, So TVNZ will be keeping up to date with Emmerdale and yet they will still be falling behind in Coronation Street.