Banshee returns tonight on SoHo

bansheeI thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Banshee which aired on Sky’s premium SoHo channel.  It’s not often a New Zealand actor goes from starring in a local drama to a US cable drama but after his twin role on Outrageous Fortune, it was unsurprising to learn the Antony Starr had done just that.

During the first season, Starr’s ex-con character, assumes the identity of the new local sheriff, Lucas Hood, after he is murdered in a graphic bar fight in the fictional Pensylvanian town of Banshee.  Banshee is his destination after 15 years in prison for stealing diamonds from Ukranian gangster, Mr Rabbit, as he searches for his accomplice and former lover, Anastasia, who happens to also be Mr Rabbit’s daughter. 

The ex-Amish overlord, the former lover who is married with children and a new sheriff who has an unorthodox way of dealing with crime made for an entertaining first season which ended with an epic shootout as Mr Rabbit and his thugs attempt to catch up with the diamond thief.  It all ends rather badly for Mr Rabbit.

And then to the second season, which debuts on SoHo tonight at 8:30pm.

The great thing about cable TV series is that new seasons tend to get commissioned fairly early in the piece which allows the writers to plan ahead rather than try and wrap shows up in the usually shorter 10-14 episodes.  At the end of the first season, Banshee felt as though there was a bit of closure with Rabbit and his crew coming off worse in the battle of bullets.

Wondering where this would leave the direction for the second season, I was excited to pop in the screener last week that Sky gave me to take a look.

All I will say is that it almost felt as though the show jumped the shark a little in what happened next but I will admit that I may not know all the facts and that the writers may just have lead me to believe something that wasn’t actually true.

Despite that single, questionable piece of the storyline, the town of Banshee and the complications of trying to conceal a stolen identity, particularly when you’re the sheriff, make for intriguing viewing.  The clock is definitely ticking on how long Sheriff Hood can keep up the charade.

All in all though, Banshee is definitely on my list of “must watch” shows in 2014.

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