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A new page has been set up on Facebook to draw attention to the fact that Trackside is moving exclusively to Sky, something that racing fans are calling a “backward step” for the sport. Of course, this is nothing new. (Rugby, cricket, netball anyone?)

In early January it was announced that Trackside would be moving exclusively to SKY, commencing April 14. The page is intended to gain support towards keeping Trackside on the Freeview Platform. The reason has been published as “cost cutting”. However, as a result, many will miss out on Racing; somewhat of a backwards step towards the promotion of the sport.

Some argue that an extended deal with SKY has only been signed if Freeview was cut, there are many speculations. The page is intended to gain support towards keeping Trackside on the Freeview Platform.

Racing Forum user Kilinger states:

The Racing Act requires the Racing Board to; (a) promote the racing industry; (b) facilitate and promote racing betting and sports betting; (c) maximise its profits for the long-term benefit of New Zealand racing.

Trackside on Freeview is watched by 50,000 regular TAB customers, a greater number of casual TAB customers and a huge number of people who don’t bet but have an interest in racing. Trackside on Freeview promotes racing, facilitates and promotes race betting and creates profits for racing. Taking it away does exactly the opposite of all three objectives set down for the NZRB in the Racing Act 2003. How can they get away with it?

Worse than that, racing on TV is now in the hands of SKY TV who are under no obligation to foster an interest in racing or produce profits for racing. Their management is charged with maximizing the earnings and profits of SKY TV.

SKY TV management will shuffle racing onto whatever platform (basic, sports, sports premium or arena) suits them best and charge whatever price provides them with the greatest return. SKY TV’s computer algorithms will already be showing them that a smaller number of higher value customers provide them with their optimum earnings. They will further erode what is left of the TAB customer base.

Lets keep Trackside on Freeview.

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  • emmess74

    Good, now it will be easier to flick between Prime and Choice but my Nana will be annoyed though.
    Or maybe Sky will put something better on Channel 11

  • AaronCrossNZ

    Nah get rid of it. Its good news.