Can we blame Coronation Street's demise on Seven Sharp?

coronation-streetThere was an article in the Herald at the end of last year about Coronation Street’s move to Friday and how TVNZ claimed the change had prompted “very little feedback”.  The reasoning was for declining year on year ratings. The fact that we’re 18 months behind the UK is one thing but there is another element to this which seems to have been overlooked – The lead in: Seven Sharp.

In 2012, the average audience leading in to Coronation Street on TV One was 447,118 viewers.  There was a 3% drop in viewers, resulting in Coronation Street having an average audience of 435,312 viewers per episode.

In 2013, the average audience leading in to Coronation Street was 358,934 viewers per episode.  This was down a staggering 20% on the previous year as TV One chased a different demographic at 7pm.  This ultimately had an impact on what happened throughout the rest of the evening.  Interestingly though, Coronation Street grew the audience from the lead in by 4% with 372,571 viewers per episode.  The resulting ratings showed that Coronation Street had a drop of 14% on the previous year.

The two previous years had seen drops of 4% and 9%.


2012 wasn’t a great year for Close Up which resulted in TVNZ canning it in favour of Seven Sharp, but as we’ve seen, the decline hasn’t stopped and appears to now have had a run on effect.

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  • Drew Horan

    TVNZ have only themselves to blame for destroying Coronation Street and this analysis only adds to the argument, how can a show which only a decade ago was pulling in nearly 900,000 viewers gradually lose such a large audience. Why isn’t the state broadcaster actively promoting this show and giving it the boost it needs to continue on, the endless food porn which is about to start with MasterChef and reality is ruining the TV ONe schedule, we all want a bit of variety on weeknights. Its sad to see such an institution shunted to a Friday night slot despite the show regularly topping the nights schedule. I urge fans to continue to voice their frustration to TVNZ on their facebook page or other feedback channels to get Coro restored back to not only its Thursday slot but to also its former Tuesday slot with a commitment to closing the gap with the UK.

  • name

    I think you’re forgetting that the Coro audience is dying off because they’re literally dying off.

    • K


  • Russell Gray

    I think TVNZ are hoping the afternoon repeats become the permanent first run slot and move it off evenings completely. Coro was a favourite many years ago for me but I can’t get into it much anymore. I have DVDs of 60s and 70 episodes which, IMO are better but maybe because it’s nostalgia for me. When they went from two episodes a week, to three, then four, then five, it lost it’s special qualtiy, just too much, they did the same to Emmerdale, the early episodes of that are much better too.
    Don’t the vocal minority of loyal Coro fans have PVRs? I mean REALLY!