Favourite TV Shows set in each US state

It started off with a reddit user producing a map of “The most popular TV shows set in every state.”  Business Insider then took it a step further and researched the data further to come up with this:


You can read more about each state here.

Junk Charts have taken issue with it though.

If your chart is titled “The Most Popular TV Show Set in Every State,” what would you expect the data to look like?

You’d think the list would be dominated by the hit shows like The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey, and you might guess that there are probably only four or five unique shows on the list.

But then it’s easy to miss the word “set” in the title. They are looking for most popular show given that it is set in a particular state. Now this is a completely different question — and conversely, it guarantees that there will be 50 different shows for the 50 states, assuming that one show can’t be set in multiple states. This is also, computationally, a much more complex question. Some locations, like New York, Mass. (Boston), and Illinois (Chicago), are many times more likely to be the settings of TV shows than other states. This means, one might need to go back many years to find the “popular” shows in the less attention-grabbing states.

I used quotations for the word “popular” because if one has to dig deep into history for a specific state, then it is possible that the selected show would not be popular in the aggregate! This is not unlike the issue of whether having your kids pick up a popular sport (like basketball) or instrument (like violin) is better or worse than an unpopular one (like squash or trombone). The latter route is potentially the shorter to stand out but their achievement will be known only to the niche audience.

Are there any shows/states that should have been different?  Texas could have been Dallas, perhasp?

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  • Jeseta

    Very cool! Although I thought Eureka was set in Washington and not Oregon :S

    Only one of my favourites made it up there (Seinfeld) but interesting to see so much variety!