Grammy's now live on TV2

lordeTVNZ has been unable to secure online streaming rights for the Grammys, so instead has decided to broadcast the Awards twice – live on TV2, then again in prime time on TV ONE as originally planned.

Head of Television, Jeff Latch, says the company’s first preference had been to stream the awards live on TVNZ Ondemand, which was the ideal platform for daytime live events. However the attempt to get the rights was not successful, which meant the full television broadcast of the show was originally scheduled in prime time on TV ONE so the maximum number of people would get to see it.

“We realise a lot of people are back at work and not in a position to watch TV during the day, but for those who can our solution is to run the live broadcast on TV2 and the repeat on TV ONE at a time when people can watch it at leisure.”

Live broadcast: TV2 at 2pm on Monday Jan 27

Repeat broadcast: TV ONE at 9.15 pm following the finale of Australia’s Got Talent.

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  • EVS

    Fantastic news!!! Monday is my day off so I can watch it Live!!!!! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  • Drew Horan

    This is awesome news and TVNZ finally listened to viewers, I’m truly amazed! So excited we get to see it LIVE!!

  • Trevor Ashman

    Good to see TVNZ found their sense 🙂