Paul Henry finds a sponsor

paulhenrysoontv3Here is today’s trivia question: Which current affairs show did this motor vehicle company used to sponsor?

Kia Motors New Zealand has signed as sponsor of The Paul Henry Show, which premieres at 10.35pm on Monday 27 January.

The highly anticipated programme is a new approach to late news; topical – not typical, outspoken – not out-dated.  Each weeknight, brilliant and irrepressible broadcaster Paul Henry will look past the headlines to focus on the news that’s most important to New Zealanders.  

Liz Fraser, MediaWorks TV Director of Sales and Marketing, says the brand position for Kia Motors, ’The Power to Surprise’, makes the company the perfect fit with The Paul Henry Show.

“We love working with clients and brands who get excited about fresh, bold ideas,” she says.

The Paul Henry Show will be insightful, entertaining and surprising must-see television. It’s fantastic to have a sponsor as innovative and forward thinking as Kia on board as we launch this exciting new show. “

Todd McDonald, Kia Motors New Zealand General Manager, says: “Innovation is the very essence of the Kia brand, which is evident from the design of our cars though to the way we aim to delight our customers and the opportunity to be a part of a new approach in late night news is too good to pass up – we think Kia and The Paul Henry Show is a great fit.

“We’re not taking the typical approach with this sponsorship and have worked with The Paul Henry Show team to include a few surprises for the audience.”

Mr McDonald would not elaborate on what shape those surprises will take, but says the fact that Kia’s brand slogan is The Power to Surprise means they certainly won’t be ordinary.

Kia Motors has taken a bolder stance in its television and promotional activities in recent years as the company continues to build its profile in this market for delivering cars that stand out from the crowd.

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  • What a shame – it’s someone I can’t boycott.

  • K

    Close Up!!

  • P.b.nightline

    Yeah it’s looking like close up but with a hot young lady with red lipstick as the sex appeal or should I say draw card to the show….. Curious to see all the changes with tv 3 next week hopefully.

  • Jeseta

    I find their choice of tagline pathetically redundant. Any current affairs program is basically by definition ‘topical’. All they are saying is they aren’t going to talk about year-old stories, and isn’t that the absolute minimum they could attempt as a show?

  • Anna Nonymous

    If I was the GM of Kia, I’d be withdrawing my sponsorship after what that twat said about driving them (in that he won’t, but his daughter does). If it’s good enough for John Campbell to drive a Mazda then Henry should drive a Kia – full stop! If it’s not good enough for him then let HIM go out and get Jaguar or Rolls Royce to sponsor his lame show. Oh, that’s right – they won’t. Because they probably hate him too.

    • K

      Ummmm I agree his comments sounded obnoxious…but why should he drive a Kia ? I guess everyone at Seven Sharp should bank with Rabobank too…LOL