The Paul Henry show is everything Seven Sharp should be, but isn't

the-paul-henry-show-david-cunliffeIf TVNZ were looking at what they needed to do to turn Seven Sharp around then they didn’t need to look much past Paul Henry’s return to TV last night.

The Paul Henry Show was highly entertaining and showed that current affairs, and even politics, could be discussed in a less formal manner.

While Henry interviewed the guests, Janika ter Ellen delivered the news and weather in a “Nightline” fashion. (I was expecting something more like Carrie Bickmore’s newsdesk from Rove.)  Renee Rebecca Wright had a light start with a story about Labour MP Jacinda Ardern’s DJ set at Laneway as well as a live cross from her living room.

Overall, the show was well presented and should forge itself a strong position in its timeslot.

The ratings this morning are going to be very interesting indeed.

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  • Trevor Ashman

    I must admit I enjoyed the show 🙂

  • Anon

    Who is Renee Wright?

  • K

    It certainly makes a change from Nightline, but I don’t know whether I enjoyed it. Maybe I was expecting more.

  • yo

    Paul Henry, rubbish as usual. His “Councils are Bastards” repeat several times over Auckland City’s investigation into a more user pays Household waste pick up system didn’t get into the story at all. Maybe the “Bastards” should just stop allowing him to use any of the services that make his life so easy. Cut off his water and sewage not allow him to use the streets or public transport, allow his neighbours to make as much noise as they like, roaming animals access to his property. The guy is an idiot and hopefully TV3 will figure out what the Aussies did and chuck him off air before too long. Meantime I’ll catch my late news on TV1. Annoying I was a big Nightline fan.