Shortland Street Recap: Tuesday 21st January (5408)

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In tonight’s episode Harry causes havoc.

Last night’s episode left us wondering what happened to Brooke. It turns out that she became dehydrated and fainted, but luckily Vasa stopped by and got her to hospital. Boyd is determined to take time off to look after Brooke, but Brooke insists she’ll be fine if Vasa agrees to look after her (which she does, remember when she was home-caring for Gus Awhiaki?). Fun fact of the day: Apparently Bree’s old apartment key is kept on top of the cupboard in the lounge . . . the same cupboard Bree once tried to ship Brooke off in. I guess decent home furnishing is hard to find these days.

TK pushes his team a little too hard at work and unfairly tells Vinnie off. Harper intervenes and gets TK to apologise. Trying to forget his hard day at work, TK heads over to the IV where Dayna continues to flirt with him whilst Evan (and almost every viewer) looks on in disgust.

Harry is such an annoying kid (you’ll see why I say this soon enough) that he can’t make friends himself, so Chris makes Harry hang out with Kane. Having bumped into Grace at Sugar, Harry and his entourage (Kane and Toby) decide to get up to some Grace-related mischief. They send an email in Klingon to Grace and leave a message on her desk with a meeting place and a costume to wear. When Nate almost catches them in Grace’s office, Kane thinks quickly and throws his milkshake all over Nate so that he chases him through the hospital. Unfortunately for Harry, Nate and Bella figure out what the boys have done and Bella rushes outside to rescue Grace. Nate rounds up the boys and Harry has a screaming match at Grace, telling her she’s not allowed to have an affair with Chris and to stop trying to break up his family. All three adults look mortified as the episode comes to a close.

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