I am SO tired of this

Earlier today we asked TVNZ if they would be screening the Grammy Awards due to the likelihood of Lorde having to make an acceptance speech.  TVNZ confirmed that they would be screening the awards but

12:23PM this copy is embargoed until next Tuesday.

So would appreciate it if you could keep the details  under your hat until then.

I asked for an exemption due to the increasing hype and questions being asked.  I was told:

1:18PM Sorry Regan

I cannot give any exemption as it wouldn’t be fair to other media who are respecting the embargo. But it’s all yours to go with from Tuesday.

I then asked if it was going to be streamed live at all.  I heard no reply.

At 2:45PM I posted some details about the up coming ceremony, including details provided to me from Sky about their red carpet coverage, respecting the TVNZ’s embargo.  Half an hour later, this appears on Stuff:

Kiwi fans will have to wait until the evening until they can watch NZ singer Lorde perform at the Grammys – and possibly pick up some of the awards.

TVNZ has the free-to-air broadcast rights for the 56th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 26 (Monday morning NZ time) in Los Angeles.

TVNZ did not have the online streaming rights, but would receive footage of the show as it was taking place and would play it at prime time on Monday night, a spokeswoman said.

“We feel we’ve done well to secure the show as it’s expensive and not so easy to acquire,” she said.

“As soon as we heard Lorde was nominated we went for it.”

The Grammys go live during the day in New Zealand, and showing the footage in prime time meant it was available to the widest audience, she said.

Lorde is performing at the Grammys and is also nominated for four awards – song of the year and best pop solo performance for her chart-topper Royals; and record of the year and best pop vocal album for her album Pure Heroine.

I do try to do the right thing…

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  • Jeseta

    Pretty crappy behaviour on their part…..

  • Trevor Ashman

    It’s stupid of TVNZ not screening it LIVE 🙁

    • Jeseta

      Indeed, any Lorde-award news won’t wait till primetime, it’ll be in the news and on the net as soon as it happens.

      • Tv3isbest

        i agree with you there, It really should be live. A waste of time in my opinion.

        • Jeseta

          I suppose late is better than never, but the amount of times sport is shown live at 2am – well, I don’t see why this should be any different. There are plenty of people more interested in music than sports, regardless of whether a Kiwi is involved.

          • Tv3isbest

            i know, Only because of Lorde. I really like Lorde so this isn’t against her, but it seems like shes the most important thing in the Media’s eyes. Like, why couldn’t they air it in the previous years or if Lorde wasn’t nominated? hah, it blows my mind.

          • Jeseta

            Many nights on One News at 6, during the sports news they report on American Football which NZ doesn’t play and is as far from relevant to us as just about any sport in the world. Yet it is still genuinely difficult to access the big awards ceremonies (Oscars, Emmys, Globes, Grammys) for a FTA viewer in NZ. It really doesn’t make sense.

  • Aaron Lucas

    only the Free to Air rights… Come on SKY, how about the same live treatment for the Grammys that you give the Oscars and the Golden Globes this year. Please!!

    • Trevor Ashman

      Can’t agree with you more Aaron….seems SKY don’t care about the music award shows 🙁

  • Drew Horan

    Gawwd TVNZ SUCKKSS! We now have to wait until 9.15pm for the grammys after Australia’s Got Talent! Surely they could of aired the Grammys first and Talent on another night and why can’t TVNZ air the Grammys LIVE in the afternoon and later in primetime for viewers who miss the LIVE broadcast? It can’t be that hard TVNZ!