Restoration Home (finale) (Prime, 7.30pm)
Home renovation fans can enjoy the final episode of the first season of this BBC renovation-documentary-reality mashup: this last episode follows the owners of Big House, in Landshipping, Pembrokeshire, as they try to turn the historic building into a dream home, finding out along the way that the house was built on coal mining proceed … which is apparently something of a big deal.

0109-gretzKing’s Ransom (Maori TV, 8.30pm)
I really enjoyed ESPN’s 30 For 30 series when it first aired in 2010, and have enjoyed seeing some of the films again. King’s Ransom tells the story of how NHL ice hockey team the Edmonton Oilers traded Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988 – a move which is as baffling now as it was when it happened. Gretzky is generally considered the greatest ice hockey player who ever lived, and the trade came just hours after he had helped the Oilers win their fourth championship in five years.

Girl Code (MTV, 9pm)
This MTV comedy series – a female counterpart to MTV’s hit show Guy Code – is described as “a strong and smart female driven comedy series bringing millennial viewers a new, hilarious how-to manual full of over-the-top tips to push the envelope and open the dialogue about the wonders and woes of womanhood”. Personally, I think it’s sad that MTV has been left to inform kids about puberty, which is what this show sounds like it does.

Californication (Four, 9.30pm)
The much anticipated sixth season of Californication finally gets broadcast in New Zealand, picking up just a few days after the events of the Season 5 finale in which Carrie (played by Natalie Zea) drugged both Hank (David Duchovny) and his girlfriend. Among much else, this season sees Hank head to rehab while a rock star named Atticus Fetch (played by the very funny Tim Minchin) turns one of Hank’s novels into a Broadway show.

Bad Education (UKTV, 9.30pm)
Baby-faced comedian Jack Whitehall plays Alfie Wickers, “the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system”, who is back for more awkward teaching moments in the second season of this very funny British comedy. Bad Education held the BBC Three record for highest rating debut for a time, and has been picked up by US channel ABC to be remade into An American Education, which will also star Whitehall.

Tanked (Animal Planet, 9.30pm)
If you have an interest in the world of customised aquarium installations then look no further: this Animal Planet reality series – about Las Vegas aquarium builders Acrylic Tank Manufacturing – has all the customised aquarium installations you could ever need. What do you mean do I think the show is silly? Whatever gave you that idea? (Yes, I think this show is incredibly silly.)

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