TV Talk: 19 January 2014

You’ve arrived to our daily discussion thread about anything and everything else you’d like to discuss about television.  The floor is yours.

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • P.b.nightline

    So I was just thinking, with firstline returning tomorrow morning from the Auckland waterfront for the entirety of this coming week and with hillary and mike returning to the 6pm bulletin if that means the set update for tv3 news and current affairs will be ready I have a feeling it won’t be but would be nice to see this week, definitely looking forward to firstline sacha and Michael will be great hopefully as time goes by they mix the show up to have a live performance here and there in the studio from a live band or even better out on location threw out the year and a couch would be good for interviews so it’s a bit relaxed for studio interviews but still remaining behind a desk the majority of the time

    • Tv3isbest

      i think if the 3 news shows share the same set it wont be ready, but for some reason i think that the sets are different.(Firstline shares with Campbell live) it would be nice to have a couch, but i think they won’t because it is a strict news show and also because breakfast use a couch. But i really hope the set is announced this week! i’m also looking forward to the Paul Henry show and to see their set.

  • Tv3isbest

    Anyone heard that Tom McRae is moving to Australia and Rachel Morton is heading to wellington? i really wish Melissa Davies will return to NZ soon, She is one of my Favourites.

    • P.b.nightline

      Tom McRae is my fave he deserves the job in oz but he will be sadly missed as a fill in presenter hez a natural both him and Michael morrah are awesome and much preferred over simon shepherd and hamish Clark who are both great but they are better off on Campbell live and or 3rd degree

      • Tv3isbest

        Yes! i do like Michael and Tom. I’ve always disliked Simon (well the way he presents) i don’t particularly like Jeff McTainsh, the guy who does @12 but i think he will be a good back-up for Michael Wilson on Firstline. Also i hope Sam Hayes will back-up Sacha – we don’t see much of her anymore and she a personal Fav. 🙂

  • P.b.nightline

    Watching firstline and they crossed to Sam Ackerman for the news that’s interesting I have a feeling they will be at a couch next week

    • Reece

      I wonder if there is an intention to gradually grow the show over time till it eventually adopts the standard US breakfast TV format.

      I believe Sunrise in Australia sort of took this approach.

      • P.b.nightline

        Yh I think it did and I do hope that if that’s what they are doing that they don’t relegate sacha to just the news reader she’s what people want to see first thing in the morning she comes across as beautiful and not a try hard sacha is never given the full space to breathe even while on nightline

  • P.b.nighline

    I think something was just wrong with sachas auto cue but liking the show sacha does news and weather michael doing the interviews it’s very well thought out using everyone to there strengths so far

  • Clint

    I missed Firstline but it’s disappointing to hear Michael is doing the interviews – why not give Sacha that promotion? Michael is as about exciting as burnt toast.
    I watched the tail end of Breakfast and Nadine was atrocious – really dumbing it down for the cameras. Someone must’ve told her to laugh a lot because she was – at every little thing Rawdon said. I don’t like her doing that role. I don’t like him either though and noticed he’s wearing a pinkie ring -you know what that means.
    They need to recast Breakfast completely.

    • P.b.nightline

      I too hope sacha interviews a bit too she’s done it before and has a very calm approach so here’s hoping she gets to flex a bit more

    • K

      Agree re Nadine. She’s obviously trying reaaaally hard to fill Toni’s shoes/be exactly like her

      Way way too serious for that role.
      And what are ya talking about some pinkie ring??