sashaFirstline starts its 2014 season this Monday with new hosts Sacha McNeil and Michael Wilson, and a new (temporary) location. TV3’s early morning rolling news programme is holding on to some of that summer feeling, broadcasting from the Auckland waterfront for the first week (Monday 20 – Friday 24 January).

Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry are also back in the 3 News studio at 6pm this Monday, while current affairs programmes Campbell Live and The Paul Henry Show launch a week later on Monday 27 January.
One of TV3’s most experienced news anchors; Sacha McNeil is looking forward to the special buzz of an early morning news show.

“I’m looking forward to being the first port of call for viewers to catch up with what’s happened internationally overnight, as well as how the day is shaping up locally,” she says. “I’m particularly excited about getting out of the studio and covering the news as it happens.

“With 2014 being an election year, it will be a busy year politically for Firstline. With Kim Dotcom’s party and Ben Uffindell’s comedic Civilian Party launching it’s bound to be colourful. There’s also a royal baby making his way over to us so there will no doubt be a lot of George chasing.”

Michael Wilson agrees. “On the local front the general election should be the big news story for the year,” he says. “But I’m also looking forward to the World Cup soccer from Rio. With our budgets I imagine we will be presenting live from Copacabana Beach on a daily basis.”

Firstline will look at what 2014 has in store for politics and business, and Michael says that for him the news story of 2013 was the global economy.

“Being a business news junkie the story of 2013 for me was the fact that the world economy did not collapse,” he says. “Despite all the apocalyptic claims that Europe, the US and China would sink into depression, the eternal pessimists were proved wrong yet again.”

FIRSTLINE with Michael Wilson and Sacha McNeil – 6am weekdays from Monday 20 January
3 NEWS at 6PM with Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts – 6pm weeknights from Monday 20 January
CAMPBELL LIVE with John Campbell – 7pm weeknights from Monday 27 January
THE PAUL HENRY SHOW with Paul Henry and Janika ter Ellen – 10.30pm weeknights from Monday 27 January

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  • K

    This is a great article and very informative. Thanks Alicia & Throng

  • P.b.nightline

    Wow that’s awesome that they are starting the year on location for wot ever reason it doesn’t matter shapen up to be a good year for 3news all up

  • Jeseta

    ‘Janika after Ellen’ …. that can’t be right?

  • Alicia B

    Sorry about that, Regan is away and Aussie woman doing releases – TVNZ might have been right in their promo’s for The Bachelor I guess! I thought was meant to say after Ellen. Will now just publish as they come – sorry

    • Maggie

      @Alicia B – that’s so funny – because I would’ve done the exact same thing! I love your work on the Oz site, by the way.
      It’s been a while since I checked in (have been crazy-busy), but I just wanted to say how great the site looks – there’s SO much new information … a constant flow of news, which is absolutely fantastic. It’s definitely better than any of the other comparable sites in the New Zealand market. Awesome work, guys! 🙂

  • Tv3isbest

    I am sure that the location of Firstline for the first week is at the Tamaki Yacht club. Sacha McNeil tweeted about someone heading down to the yacht club and this one is the best on the Waterfront. we will just have to wait and see…