Will Prime go HD in 2014?

new-prime-logo-lineSky Television has ruled out committing to making Prime available in high definition in 2014.

With all the recent acquisitions by Sky Television for their free-to-air channel, much of what has previously been available in HD on TV3 is now only available is SD on Prime.  Then there are shows that Prime have had for ages, like Doctor Who, which although they screen relatively close to the UK broadcast, are still only made available in standard definition.

It’s a regular question that viewers ask.  When is Prime going to be available in HD?  It’s a question I usually ask every time I see them.  The answer is usually the same.  Take for example the comment that Travis Dunbar, Sky’s Director of Programming: Movies, Factual and General Entertainment made recently to TV reporter Phil Wakefield late last year.  

“It’s been mooted for some time, and it is certainly our desire to have Prime HD at some stage next year.”

“It’s their desire” has been their position for as long as I can remember asking about it.  It really is time that their desire became a reality.  Whoever is holding up the process needs to listen to these calls and make a commitment to getting this done.

It’s one thing to be the free-to-air broadcaster for shows like Game of Thrones and Homeland, but it’s just not the same in standard definition…

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  • Grabate

    I was hoping Prime would have a revamp this year with the new shows it acquired. HD is an issue and Prime really needs a new ident as their current ones are getting long in the tooth and make the channel look like a shoestring budget regional TV station.

  • John McCready

    When I sent back my 2nd decoder, having downsized apartments, because I had effectively changed my package, Sky asked me to pay an extra $10 per month to continue to receive HD on those channels which have it. Outragious in this digital age to charge extra for something that is actually very much standard. I declined. Also cancelled Rialto and Movies and will get my movie fix from other sources, in full HD.

  • Trevor Ashman

    I thought SKY are for sure upgrading Prime into HD this year 🙁

  • Drew Horan

    Well this news SUXXXS! I really believed them this year! Maybe Prime need some new owners.

  • GoodtimesGary

    Prime obviously doesn’t care about the fact that if viewers want to see it’s shows in HD… people will just end up downloading them

  • Kyle Wadsworth

    Quite sick of SKY deliberately dragging their feet when it comes to things like this.