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430Show_HostsTV2’s new afternoon show, has joined social media.

Join the hosts of The 4.30 Show Massad, Eve Palmer and Michael Lee on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep up to date with the latest news from on the set.

One of those pieces of news is the 4.30 Show “coming soon” titles:

Another, a photo of the hosts – Massad, Eve Palmer and Michael Lee.

As well as the Social Media accounts, The 4.30 Show has a website.

Make sure you also don’t miss the first show, premiering Monday 24th February at 4.30pm on TV2.

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  • Kiri

    I’m a big fan of the 4:30 show you’s are so lucky to be on t.v you’s probably have tons of fans. Xx

  • Ceejay

    I. love. Wotshing. The. 4.30. show