60 Minutes Kim Dotcom interview encore tonight

kim-dotcom-60-minutesThe interview by the American 60 Minutes program that outraged Kim Dotcom aired last night on Prime.  The New Zealand team invited Kim Dotcom on to respond.  He declined.

With the upcoming launch of his political party and his new album that he’s flogging I would have thought he would have jumped at the chance to get some publicity.

The interview airs again tonight at 7:30pm on Prime.

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  • Deb

    What is Carly Flynn doing hosting 60 Minutes????? Where is Charlotte? – She was reading the news on the weekend. If Charlotte couldn’t do it, why couldn’t they just get that blonde lady who normally does the reporting on the show, to do it? She’s really good! Or Natasha Smith, who reads the news a fill-in.

    • Maggie

      I haven’t heard that Charlotte isn’t presenting the programme anymore, so maybe she was sick or had a prior committment?

      I think you mean Belinda Henley … yes, she is good. But I think she’s an investigative-type journalist so maybe she was too busy working on a story to do it (or out of the country). She has fronted the show before when Charlotte wasn’t available.

      Natasha Smith would be a good relief person … I like her news reading style. I’d also like to see Anastasia Hedge present a few things (but we have to bear in mind that not every reporter wants to be a presenter).

      Alistair Wilkinson, head of Prime/SKY NZ news, was formerly the producer for Carly Flynn’s ‘Sunrise’ show on 3, so he’d know her work well and if he couldn’t find any of his regulars to front the programme she’s probably the first person he thought of. Carly still does adhoc media stuff – a couple of months ago she even filled in for one of the talkback hosts on NewstalkZB.

  • Mark Wasley

    The TV Guide programming February 1 – 7 reports (page 58) that 60 Minutes has returned with a new format and a new lineup of reporters. Carly Flynn from TV3 and Wayne Hay, who has been working for Al Jezeera the last seven years, have joined the team.

    ‘No longer hosted by Sky and Prime News journalist Charlotte Bellis, the new look 60 Minutes will be fronted by a different reporter each week, allowing those who have actually put the stories together to present them from the studio as well’

    I’m guessing the story in question, was put together by Carly Flynn.

    • Tania

      What?! Wow – I wasn’t aware of that. I’m also going to jump on the ‘don’t like her’ train. I remember Wayne Hay reporting sports for TV One a few years back – he seemed nice.
      Seems like Charlotte has been demoted (not surprised – she doesn’t handle all the technical problems very well when she reads the news0. Wonder if Belinda Henley is still there.

      I thought Carly Flynn wanted the Breakfast job.

      • Mark Wasley

        Belinda Henley presented the story opening the season of 60 Minutes on Monday 3 February. It was relating to Maui Dolphins. She was interviewed by TV Guide in the issue mentioned, on the page mentioned.

        Carly Flynn did want the Breakfast job. Her LinkedIn ‎profile describes her as a “‎Freelance Broadcaster”.