Adam Lambert and Daughtry Return To Idol

lambertAmerican Idol is bringing back some of its more successful contestants back into the fold to help out the new crop of talent in Season 13.

Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert will be mentors for the show’s new phase called Randy Jackson’s “Boot Camp,” Daughtry reveals himself.

The singer couldn’t keep his and Lambert’s participation a secret, tweeting, “Hanging with @Adamlambert at the #idol workshop. Glad to be back! Stay tuned…”

According to Daughtry, the “Boot Camp” phase is a two-day workshop aimed at allowing the public “to get to know the contestants before they vote for the first time.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Daughtry and Lambert back at their old stomping grounds?

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  • Dave Ian Batten

    Um, serious question here. Doesn’t Fox know that American Idol is dead, or are they lacking in TV show, and trying to revive it, AGAIN?!

    • Harrison

      In my opinion, The X Factor USA was way better than American Idol. I don’t see why more people still watch Idol

      • Dave Ian Batten

        I know. Another season, and the entertainment industry will blow up.

    • Um Dave, seriously do you know what anything from 11 to 15 million viewers per week means to Fox? While down from it’s heyday It’s still one of their highest rating series especially in key demos. Don’t confuse your dislike for a show for success.

      • Dave Ian Batten

        It should’ve finished years ago when “talent” shows were popular. Not that they’re not now, I just mean for the time Idol was popular.

        • Yeah but you don’t kill a show that is rating well unless you are Jerry Seinfeld. It’s just not how TV works. Idol still rates, The Voice is also big. X Factor failed but they got it wrong.

          • Dave Ian Batten

            Got Talent is better, excluding NZGT, which would work if they got the right cast.

    • Sherry

      AI is still rated higher than The Voice or XF which is being cancelled due to such low ratings. I’m still a fan of AI only because they gave us Adam Lambert. Show hasn’t been the same since. I admire producers for making changes to help get ratings up. It’s still best reality show on TV.

      • Dave Ian Batten

        It’s becoming a hole on TV.

  • bobscoffee

    Another desperate gimmick. What more can they have to offer? ‘Believe in yourself’? Yeah that really helps…

  • Mister Fog

    I just occasionally tune in to view Jennifer Lopez for inspiration, though it’s now weird to hear rumblings of Keith Urban hard-crushing on her, and the both of’em clicking like… whatever something that clicks well..
    It almost seems lesbian, but it’d be interesting to watch the two of them get together..

  • Sherry

    It seems only the haters are commenting except for Dave. Why don’t you not watch the show if you hate it so much.

    • Dave Ian Batten

      To throw eggs at it.