American Idol teams up with Google and Facebook for voting

idoljudgesWith the American telco giant AT&T ending their affiliation with American Idol prior to the start of the 13th season, producers have been working on a new plan to enable fans to vote.  Cue the involvement of the two biggest online superpowers, Google and Facebook.

The partnership is a TV industry first and launches with Wednesday night’s episode. Built by Google, this new, dynamic voting capability connects to the Internet giant’s search function and presents itself right on the page when fans search on Idol-related terms. After choosing their favorites, fans will have the opportunity to share their votes on Google+, follow contestants, join community conversations or participate in Google Hangouts about the show.

Additionally, unlike previous seasons, voting will open at the beginning of the show and real-time voting trends from the East Coast will be displayed on screen, allowing voters a first ever look at the voting data, along with demographic information, as it happens live.

American Idol screens tonight on Prime at 7:30pm.

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  • Jas

    Just think if they brought that in here in NZ only the popular contestants or those with sad back story would ever win and not those that have talent but come from a normal background