The GC gets off to a very bad start

When The GC debuted on TV3 in May 2012, there was an enormous uproar.  Despite the critics, it rated reasonably well.  The first season premiered with an average audience of 370,660 viewers while the entire 8 episode season enjoyed an average audience per show of 299,755 viewers.

Season 2 kicked off on Monday night at 8pm but the numbers didn’t even come close.  The average audience was a miserly 178,330 viewers.  This was down 52% on the first season premiere.


I am really starting to wonder why the networks are beginning screening shows in February when they clearly rate higher over the winter months.

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • noGC4me

    Maybe it’s because of what it’s up against this year compared to the last season… it must be something more enticing… possibly a show about paint drying?

  • Jeseta

    The reason it rated well in the first season was because of all the media attetion it received – articles, blog posts etc. Lots of criticism drawing in viewers to see what the fuss was all about. This time round it’s not new and it’s not fresh. Everyone knows what it’s about and many people have no interest in it. It can’t survive on it’s own merits without the hype.

  • Reece

    Holding off airing it until 2013 certainly didnt help with things either.

    But you are right Regan so many shows are being hammered at the moment, its likely to be daylight savings but there will no doubt be shows that dont resonate either.

  • Brooke HS

    Are all the ratings down? Bit worrying, new show starts tomorrow night! Shit, everyone watch! FYI it is pretty good…

    • roger

      Seems like a lot of shows ratings are super low. Hope your show goes well Brooke.

  • Blair

    Hopefully people have seen the light and realised just how crap the GC is and not watched. I will be making a point of making sure my TV is not on 3 on Monday’s. As for the February ratings well we need to get TV back from holiday as fast as possible doesn’t matter what time of the year it is people will watch TV if good shows are put on TV. The GC is not a good show. Seems this year TV has been quite slow at getting back from holiday still some shows like Fair Go not back until next week and it seems we have a pretty selection of shows this year too like 2 cooking shows on Sunday night and no Top Gear on Prime. Also what’s with Family Guy being on FOUR, I won’t watch that channel due to the lack of HD, might have to download the current season of Family Guy.

    • Dave

      I like The GC, it’s a well-produced show technically. One of the few “kiwi-made” shows I make a point of catching

      • Tania

        @Dave – I guess you’re either mad or “starring” in it

        • Ann Onymous

          Bwahahahahaha – gold!

    • Ann Onymous

      Does not watching a show in HD really make a difference to you though? I don’t really get the fascination with it.
      The ad campaign for “Fair Go” is so terrible – obviously it’s an in-house job.