Masterchef and The Great Food Race bleed viewers

The Great Food RaceI am going to assume that the problem that Nielsen TAM had with their data for 3 days last week has actually been fixed.  If not, I can expect to have to update this post later in the week.  In the meantime, here’s what their data tells us.

The Great Food Race was down 21% this week, resulting in an average audience of 131,290 viewers last night.  I really can’t see how this show can live where it is with these numbers continuing.  Masterchef New Zealand is clearly out-rating it but it suffered a fall of its own this week with the average audience for TV One’s cooking show down 22% to 386,360 viewers.

While TVNZ are banking on a new cooking show success with a local version of My Kitchen Rules, this rating is the lowest first night rating the series has had.  Last Monday’s show had an average audience of 374,500 viewers.

With the numbers seemingly on the decline, TVNZ must be fairly confident their decision to run MKR is a good one.

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  • bobscoffee

    Hopefully this is sending a message to them that cooking shows are on their way out. What I don’t understand is why these TV channels think loading their channels up with one genre at the same time just because it is ‘flavour of the month’ is going to work. Don’t they realise it’ll only cause people to get sick of it faster?

  • roger

    It seems like Masterchef is just dragging out one episode into two this season. The oyster challenge would usually be a five minute challenge at the start of an episode before the real challenge began, but what was a simple and quite boring challege (shuck oysters and then dress one and fry one, while keeping one natural) was dragged out to be an hour long. Not exactly thrilling viewing.

  • Maggie

    I suspect The Great Food Race may have lost some of its audience after the second week as people felt it was too much like My Kitchen Rules and didn’t warm to any of the contestants. In that regard, the Aussies do a great job of building up the characters of the contestants to make you love them or hate them from the outset; this show has not done that … until this week.
    I felt last night’s episode of the show was fantastic and, much like The Amazing Race, found myself yelling at the TV when the contestants made stupid decisions, costing them precious time 😉
    I can only see the show getting better from hereon in.
    Maybe, to get people excited about the show, they should have done a one-hour ‘intro’ … introducing the judges in more depth (because they really are amazing restauranteurs), Zoe, and the contestants. They could have also taken that opportunity to explain how the show was going to work – not giving away any secrets, but outlining what we could expect.
    I don’t watch Masterchef for the plain and simple reason that the only judge I can stand listening to is Ray – the others drive me crazy. I did flick over in the ads last night though, and in comparison to TGFR, MasterChef seemed a bit low rent.

  • Bogues

    Look at the figures that MKR gets in Australia, and we are in the forth or fifth season. MKR is consistantly the top four of six shows

    • Maggie

      Indeed. There was something in The Daily Telegraph a week or so ago (can’t find it now) about how The Biggest Loser and The Block (renovation of an old theatre, apparently), which are both competing against MKR in Oz at the moment, are suffering in the ratings.

      Personally, I’d love to see The Biggest Loser come here, but it’s another very expensive show to produce (probably not as much as MKR though).

      I think the reason why shows like MKR are so successful though, is because some of the contestants are self-confessed novices and it’s inspiring seeing people do such great things over the successive weeks … and/or good entertainment when they don’t do so well. For me, I get inspired, thinking ‘I could do that!’