MKR to come to New Zealand

MKR_JudgesA local version of popular Australian cooking show My Kitchen Rules, has been confirmed for TV2. Below is the press release issued this evening:

The heat is on and the knives are out New Zealand. The biggest show on TV is about to get even bigger with a local version of reality phenomenon, My Kitchen Rules, confirmed for TV2!

Kiwis who fancy a shot at stardom can apply for MKR NZ here.

My Kitchen Rules Australia is a multi-night ratings titan in NZ with its fourth and most recent season being by far the most watched show of 2013 by Kiwis aged 18 – 49 – TV2’s core audience.

The decision to do a local version came down to this huge success says TV2 Programmer John Kelly:

“New Zealanders just couldn’t get enough of My Kitchen Rules, with 2013 being the highest-rating season yet. For this reason, we are thrilled to be teaming with format-owners Seven Network Australia, Endemol, through who the format was licensed, and Imagination TV who will produce the first local version of MKR, where Kiwi teams will battle it out in the instant restaurant rounds and create dishes and drama that will captivate the nation.”

MKR is an epic cooking competition, but it’s the chemistry between fascinating personalities thrown into dramatic challenges that has had audiences hooked for four years on TV2.

My Kitchen Rules NZ will be the television event of 2014, dishing up these twists and turns with an untapped bunch of dynamic Kiwi duos.

There’ll be more details announced soon on the local version, which goes to air later this year.

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  • Maggie

    Awesome post – thank you!

  • Trevor Ashman

    Just what we don’t need, another cooking show 🙂

    • Dave Ian Batten

      Your comment is the best thing I’ve read so far today.

  • Kyle Wadsworth

    I’m confused as to who the judges are – I’d rather watch the Australian version.

    • lyndsay senior

      You need credible kiwi judges, Chef Paul Jobin surely is a must! Sharp as a tack with chefs never mind home cooks

  • K

    Thought while watching Jesse Mulligan make the announcement:

    He will either be a judge or more likely host of the show, and then Seven Sharp will be fronted by just Toni & Mike, which is what people want

    Who agrees? He really knows his stuff when it comes to food, I think it could really suit him

    • Trista

      If he does do it, I hope he’s a judge, not a narrator or ‘talking head’ like that silly Ozzie woman on The Great Food Race, who is a waste of space. I think he’d be great on a show like this – Seven Sharp is not well suited to him or his personality, but on a cooking show he’d be fantastic (especially given his gig with Cuisine magazine). They’d have to pair him with a chef or restauranteur though … hopefully someone with a bit of personality, not like that horrible Pete Evans (he of the strange almond fetish and addiction to the tanning bottle).
      People keep saying that it’s just going to be Toni and Mike hosting Seven Sharp soon, and even the Woman’s Day this week heavily features the “amazing connection” (yawn) between the two – with only a little square in the piece with Jessie’s comments.

      • K

        Hey thanks for replying! I think he’d be great on a show like MKR too and much more suited to him than Seven Sharp. Shows even more this year that Seven Sharp only needs 2 presenters
        Now we just wait for the announcement… 😉

  • Sam

    I wonder who the judges for the NZ version would be? Or would they just keep Pete and Manu, for this season at least as the Australian version won’t be filming at the time the NZ version will be

  • Jeseta

    Well after the booming success of Masterchef and The Great Food Race this year, why wouldn’t they make another cooking show?

    Hope that sarcasm was clear enough….

    • Trista

      Masterchef is boring and the judges are awful (except for Ray, who is a sweetie). People are over it.
      The Great Food Race has awful contestants who unjustifiably talk themselves up and two judges who nobody seems to know who they are. Throw in an annoying Ozzie woman’s voice that sounds like a mozzie on heat, and you have a recipe for disaster (pun intended).

  • Jeseta

    Just saw this was posted by Mark Wasley – Moving up in the world! Looking forward to more of your posts Mark!

    • Mark Wasley

      Thanks @jeseta:disqus! I really enjoy making posts here and I’m looking forward to My Kitchen Rules, later in the year. 🙂

  • Drew Horan

    Will be interesting to see how this pans out and I guess TVNZ are playing to their strengths in producing and screening popular cooking formats while rival TV3 has cornered the home renovation market with the success of The Block NZ/AU and House Rules. I’m thinking that The Great Food Race will be TV3’s version of what TVNZ did with its much hyped relaunch of Mitre 10 Dream Home to counter The Block NZ and the disappointment it was last year.

  • Mark Wasley

    And thanks to Regan, for tiding up the bits and pieces in the html code and for promoting my post to the home page. I really appreciate it. Cheers!

  • Dave Ian Batten

    This is yet another sick joke. Another food base show. And yet another import. Come on people! Don’t we have the intelligence to crate a kiwi owned show, or are we seriously that dull-minded?

  • bobscoffee

    I certainly hope they don’t decide to screen both Australian and NZ versions in the same year. Last year’s MKR was drawn out long enough.