Morning Briefing: 10 February 2014

Gleelogo300Fox being sued in the UK over “Glee”

“The Glee Club” is a chain of stand-up comedy clubs in the UK whose owner, Mark Tughan, has taken umbrage with Fox who he believes has infringed his 1999 registered trademark name.  A British judge has ruled in Tughan’s favour but it is expected Fox will appeal, allowing the show to continue airing while the case potentially drags on for up to a year.

Fox cancels The X Factor USA

This news will comes as quite the ego blow to Simon Cowell but Fox has announced the end of The X Factor USA.  Cowell will return to the judging panel on the original UK version.  We now wait to see if Cowell will return to American Idol for the auditions later in 2014 for the 2015 season.

CBS orders pilot from Happy Endings creator

Cuz-Bros is the second comedy pilot ordered from David Caspe this season after NBS ordered Marry Me this season as well.  Originally with the working title “Roommates”, the new comedy was developed around the cousin character who was a stranger, saves the life of the show’s lead.

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  • Nitpicking over names to sue.
    We use to have Stallone’s Pizza until they were forced to change it by Sylvester Stallone, even though it was named afer the founders (the Stallone brothers) and even though they began their pizza franchise BEFORE Sylvester Stallone became famous. Unbelievable!

    • mark

      Ref the above – in the uk “own name” is a recognised defence to trademark infringement – if the same is the case in the US, they might have been able to fight this. Trouble is, many don’t, especially where they get intimidating letters from law firms. I am just protecting my legal trademark, and the court found very firmly in my favour!