Morning Briefing: 20 February 2014

Shooting for Entourage movie begins

Three years after the series finished on HBO, Entourage is finally back in front of the camera with filming beginning for the big screen.  All the main cast are back for the next installment of Vinnie Chase & Co. still hustling in Hollywood with super agent Ari Gold who is now a full blown studio head.

Fox developing new animated series

From the writers of Megamind comes a new animated series for Fox. The project, now in development, centers on Zarbus, a man who must deal with the conflicting emotions of being a stay at home dad after losing his job. The situation is made all the more challenging by the fact his previous position was that of a Voldemort-like evil sorcerer who once ruled over a magical kingdom. Now banished to our world, he must navigate the social minefield of suburbia while keeping his omnipotent powers in check.

Homeland to get South Korean adaptation

The ongoing conflict between North and South Korea is believed to be behind the decision to remake the Israeli series Prisoners of War (Homeland in the US).  Prisoners follows two soldiers as they attempt to re-adjust to their lives after returning home from captivity for 17 years. In addition to their personal struggles, it becomes clear that there is a profound secret that the two are keeping from everyone. The first season was the highest-rated drama of the year in Israel in 2011, while the second season was the highest scoring in 2012.

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