Much frothing expected as The GC returns to TV tonight

Say what you want about The GC, but the fact that it returns to TV3 tonight without any funding from NZ On Air would suggest there is real commercial viability in the show.  (The show has received funding from Te Mangai Paho however) We can’t wait!

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  • Jeseta

    Didn’t it get funding from Te Mangai Paho this season? and as a result must include more Te Reo and Maori cultural content ?

  • Clint

    How much do you reckon Jono and Ben pay them for their appearances on Jono and Ben at Ten and for flights, etc.? And is Kate Hawkesby a permanent fixture on Jono and Ben? She’s been tweeting photos of her latest prank things with them.

  • pleasecancelthegc

    Wow This is just cringe factor up to a whole new level, the guys look and act like absolute meatheads, almost all of the girls are dumb sheep and ugly and the one with the hideous fake tits that said there are no fat people on The GC is an uneducated moron, it’s all pathetic scripted trash.

    Why has this utter pap come back to TV?

  • Tania

    I think it’s pretty harmless entertainment – it’s just the NZ version of Jersey Shore but cops more flak because it’s on free TV … most of the complainers have probably never seen Jersey Shore.
    But I do wish these girls would be happy with what God gave them – nearly everything about them is fake. There’s one guy on there who gives me the heeby geebies … he has a very dark aura about him (has really small eyes and is a bit-player). It’d be interesting to know their backgrounds.

  • Jas

    Setting aside all the funding issues, watching people getting ready to go out for the evening isn’t what I call riveting TV.