New host announced for The Nation

nation_logoMediaworks has nabbed Lisa Owen off TVNZ to host their weekly current affairs programme The Nation which kicks off its 2014 season tomorrow.

TV3 has appointed senior journalist Lisa Owen as host of the network’s influential political programme The Nation.  Lisa leaves TVNZ to take up her new role, and will also file stories for 3 News.

Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings says:  “Lisa is straight shooting and hardworking.  She is a skilled interviewer and a tireless investigator who consistently breaks stories.  She has shown leadership in the TVNZ newsroom and is known for mentoring younger reporters.

“I consider Lisa to be one of New Zealand’s top journalists.  I’ve tried to hire her before, and am very pleased to secure her for The Nation and the wider news operation, particularly in an election year.”

Lisa Owen joins TV3 from TVNZ; her roles with the state broadcaster include hosting Agenda, and a stint as the One News European correspondent.

The Nation begins its 2014 season tomorrow (Saturday 1 March) with an election year special hosted by Patrick Gower and Simon Shepherd.


Saturdays at 9.30am and Sundays at 10.10am from March 1

TV3’s influential weekly political current affairs programme returns this weekend, launching with a two-week special edition hosted by Patrick Gower and Simon Shepherd that sets the stage for this year’s General Election.

Over the next two weeks, The Nation will take an in-depth look at the two major parties. 3 News Political Editor Patrick Gower will conduct in-depth interviews with the two men competing to be Prime Minister, questioning their vision for New Zealand and their game plan for the coming election campaign, including likely alliances.  Torben Akel will reveal his investigations into both Labour’s and National’s election year strategies and how they think they can win.

This weekend (March 1) sees Gower head-to-head with Labour Leader David Cunliffe in an extended interview.  Later, Simon Shepherd will interview new ACT leader Jamie Whyte – just hours before his first major speech, at the ACT party conference – and the party’s Epsom candidate David Seymour.

Gower will be joined by top political analysts Linda Clark, Josie Pagani and Jordan Williams.

On March 8, Gower will interview Prime Minister John Key, scrutinising National’s track record, and asking what the party needs to do to hold onto power in the 2014 Election – and who among the minor parties they are prepared to work with in order to form a government.

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  • P.b.nightline

    She was awesome on agenda back in the day and should have got the job permanently back then but didn’t she will be great in this role thoe y she needs to work for 3news aswell is beyond me they are overcrowded as it is in the news department, and need to start culling

  • Rob

    This is interesting. Lisa Owen was atrocious at reporting live when that tornado hit Auckland a year or so ago. She was panicked and wouldn’t stop to take a breath. It was very painful to listen to. That Gordon Harcourt kept saying “Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa” trying to get her to shut up and she wouldn’t, so he kept getting louder. It was so frustrating!

    TVNZ haven’t looked after her though. I heard that when her partner, Paul Hobbs, was posted to the UK posting, she tried to get a job in the newsroom over there but they wouldn’t give her one so she went anyway, and just did a bit of freelancing while she was over there (including back to TVNZ).

  • bobscoffee

    Theyre all leaving the sinking ship (whats left of TVNZ News)