Ratings: 7 Days down on fifth series debut

Mediaworks really seem to be struggling with their primetime ratings at the moment with a number of their new shows failing to fire.  No matter.  There was always the return of Friday night comedy.  Alas, the same holds true there as well.

7 Days kicked off 2014 with the lowest season debut in the shows history with an average audience of 241,030 viewers.  To be fair, it was only marginally lower than when the show launched in 2010 and that debut was in the colder month of May.


The 2014 debut was down 19% on the show’s return in 2013.

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  • Trevor Ashman

    Oh well, give it 7 days and the ratings will be back up again 🙂

  • Ugg

    Does anyone else think the ratings for TV3 at the moment are a bit suss? Seems strange that previously high rating (for TV3 that is) programmes have suddenly nose dived.

    • Trevor Ashman

      TV3 should do their own ratings 🙂

  • Jeseta

    Gosh they’ve been all over the show haven’t they?

  • Jas

    This may be a bit odd especially after what said yesterday about people with disposable income but do you think that a TV3 viewer is more likely to be a advert avoider and thus use on-demand

  • Fredereck Dagg

    I still watch as much of TV3’s programmes as I have in the past, probably around 30% of the time… Friday night’s it’s TV3 only 6pm-10:45ish.