Ratings: House of Cards on debut

house-of-cardsThe award winning House of Cards finally debuted on local screens last night with an unsurprisingly low number of viewers.  The average audience during the show which screened at 10:25pm on TV3 was only 26,370 viewers.

Considering the entire series was released on the streaming content service Netflix on the 1st of February 2013 and has been out on DVD for quite some time overseas, coupled with the appalling time slot for what is arguably one of the best shows of the last few years, the result is about what you’d expect.

I simply cannot understand why networks bid highly to secure content rights only to release them past their best before date.  Knowing that the second season was coming out on the 14th of February, TV3 could have run the first season in the lead up to the second being released.  But no…

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  • Reece

    You could say TV3 missed the boat here, but lets be honest Drama of this quality often wont find a large audience anyway.

  • Chris Philpott

    I think the more interesting stat on this one will be the time-shifted viewing. I’ve recorded it to watch tonight, and I suspect many others will have, too.

  • roger

    I waited and waited for this programme, and got impatient and downloaded it instead. Tv3 are idiots.

  • John McCready

    Good decision by TV3 to schedule this late evening: poor decision to purchase for advertising driven, ratings driven, free to air TV. One of my favourite shows produced for subscription TV, not for the likes of TV3. Even in the USA where the show gets, deservably, good reviews the viewing numbers re not huge. Quality TV made for a discerning, but not large, audience.

    • Jas

      So true, it is a cable like TV programme which are not designed for FTA. And even if it was shown 5 hours after the US the figure would still be quite low.

  • Why don’t they play it in prime time? It could potentially cream the competition.