Ratings: The Paul Henry Show - Week 1

Paul Henry returned to television last week with his new late night news show, The Paul Henry Show, which replaced Nightline on TV3.  There are a couple of comparisons to make, firstly compared to Nightline from last year and then against TV One’s late night news show Tonight.

The average audience for the first week of the show was 100,516 viewers per episode.  This was helped along by a strong debut of 143,690 viewers.  57% of the audience of the audience was gone by Friday though with only 61,380 viewers tuning in.

When we looked at the the debut numbersThe Paul Henry Show was up 79% on Nightline compared to the year before.  That is about where the good news ended though.


The average audience for Nightline during the same period last year was 123,324 which results in The Paul Henry Show delivering an 18% drop in viewers.  

TV One’s Tonight began on Tuesday due to the repeat screening of the Grammy Awards but dominated the timeslot for the rest of the week.  Tonight had an average audience of 129,973 viewers per episode, 29% more than The Paul Henry Show.


Again, this is going to be a fascinating story to watch develop across the year.

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  • roger

    Apart from his salary, it wouldn’t cost much to make The Paul Henry Show programme, as long as the sponsor stays around, so it should hopefully stay around. I really enjoyed it all week, and thought it was an entertaining way of having the news presented.

  • K

    Will be very interesting. Surprised by the drop in numbers for The Paul Henry Show TBH… I’m not that taken by it but I do watch it over Tonight. It’s something different and I will keep watching it (if only for Paul to say something outrageous haha)

  • Maggie

    These ratings are disappointing. I enjoyed watching his show, even though I couldn’t do so live most nights as it’s on too late for me. I would have said the timeslot was the reason for the low ratings, but that doesn’t stack up when you’re comparing it to Nightline, which was in the same slot.
    It would seem a lot of people tuned in to see what it was all about, before abandoning it after a couple of nights thinking was much the same.
    I’m going to keep watching – be it live or On Demand – I like it, and appreciate the abbreviated news bulletin.

  • Kyle Wadsworth

    I really like his show, I just wish he wasn’t so cocky.

    • roger

      Maybe the low ratings will calm him down a bit

  • Not watching TV3 now

    F-U-C-K TV3 I was just getting interested in their movie “Date Night” then 10 minutes later up poops a message at the bottom of the screen informing me to watch “The Paul Henry” show, so then I lost interest in the TV3 movie and went to some other station
    I am not interested in this dick-shit rubbish that Paul Henry comes out with . ,

    • Not watching TV3 now

      I went on to watch “Benny Hill 1983” DVD they dont make comedy like that any more 🙁

      • Jas

        So you dont like Paul Henry because he made fun of someone name but you like a comedy that used sexual inneundo to get all it’s laughs?

        • Was watching TV3 other night

          What a gutless resonance Jas, at least Benny Hill never once denigrate one person in particular, by their true name, that everyone could trace out to one person living in the world, from everyone else

    • Tania

      I didn’t see it – but that’s no different to what TV2 do with their banners (which they copied from Oz TV). Guess it’s a good tactic to try and hook viewers in.

    • bobscoffee

      Well that’s the dumbest reason I’ve heard of to stop watching a show. How does a banner popping up cause you to lose interest in the movie you were watching?

  • Tania

    New show does better than predecessor among key 25-54 age group advertisers target:


  • Blair

    I used to watch Nightline almost every night as TV3 is the channel I watch most, since they replaced it with Paul Henry I make a point of switching over to 1 just before 10:30 so I can watch some news.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I believe The Paul Henry Show has broken at least 2 news stories so far. How many have Tonight broken?