Shortland Street Recap: Wednesday 26th February (5435)

The big Warner wedding.

Bella wakes up in the morning to find that Dallas has commandeered her kitchen and is making everyone a cooked breakfast. Dallas offers to give everyone a lift to the wedding, but Bella points out that he is no longer her plus one. However, he is determined to prove to Bella that he is a decent guy. Telling her about the bucket list wouldn’t solve their problems (plot twist: actually it probably would).

Bella, Kylie, Kane, and Toby all take a taxi to the wedding but make a pit-stop at the hospital. Dallas shows up with a present for Bella and insists on giving them a ride to the wedding. Apparently bringing a tennis ball to a wedding is the thing to do because Kane is miraculously carrying one around. He decides to prank Dallas by shoving the tennis ball up his car’s exhaust pipe. Charming behaviour, really. When Dallas’s car backfires, Bella and Co. again decide to take a taxi.

Never fear! Dallas shows up to the wedding and finally tells Bella about his bucket list. His excuse for not telling her was that he ‘didn’t want to be a girl’ and show his feelings, because apparently only women have emotions (it’s a scientific fact, I checked). This is a wedding, so of course the two share a romantic kiss.

Rachel and Chris have a lovely morning together before the wedding. Rachel tells Chris that Grace has feelings for him but he doesn’t believe her.

Grace ends up staying with the Rollestons and is still determined to win Chris over. She and Brooke attend an ultrasound appointment to get new pictures to show to Chris. When she arrives at the Warner house she tells Chris that she loves him, but Chris rejects her. To add to her hurt, Chris rules up a contract for Grace to sign that outlines their rights and responsibilities as parents.

At the big event, Harper and Rachel arrive before the groom. Rachel freaks out that Chris isn’t there, but he shows up late after negotiating with Grace over their contract. From here, the wedding goes smoothly and if you like romantic and soppy things then I suggest you OnDemand the episode. Points to note: Vinnie and Nicole make eyes at each other during the ceremony, as do TK and Harper.

During the big kiss Grace decides to leave the wedding, telling Brooke “They have everything, but they’re not having my baby”. Actually, you’ll find that it’s yours and Chris’s baby. And he has rights, especially now that you signed the contract. Moron.

Tomorrow’s episode will focus on the wedding reception.

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