Step Dave limps to starting line

The information that was originally published in this post was based on incorrect data provided by Nielsen TAM and is wrong.  Updated analysis can be found here.

TV2’s new local comedy drama Step Dave had the worst possible start last night drawing in an average audience of only 194,250 viewers on debut.  This was down 27% on the season premiere of Go Girls which itself was down 20% on the season four premiere.  Furthermore, the debut delivered an audience that was 8% less than Go Girls fifth season average.

What did you think of Step Dave and why?

What did you think of TV2's new drama/comedy Step Dave?

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  • Dave

    To be fair it seems peak tv viewing is down across the board on all channels this week. Will be interesting to see how long this continues, wonder if Nielsen have just had a refresh/turnover of their panel?

    • Drew Horan

      Agreed ratings are down and less people are watching TV for a variety of reasons.

  • Drew Horan

    Step Dave won the 8.30 hour in all the key demos 18-39, 18-49, 25-54 except household shoppers where it tied with NCIS:

  • Stefan

    Crazy angle to take in this day and age. No one at the network or production company would expect to compare Ep1 of Step Dave to Ep1 of Go Girls. It’s a different age. One could only expect they are very satisfied with winning their timeslot which in itself is an achievement.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      With the fifth and final season of Go Girls rating significantly lower the the others and subsequently being cancelled, it isn’t a huge leap to reach the conclusion that Step Dave was its replacement. Making any comparisons is hardly crazy and entirely fair.

      While winning a timeslot might be viewed as an achievement, the question that needs to be asked is at what point do the numbers being compared get small enough that any celebration should actually be viewed with great concern.

      You seem to be suggesting that all is well and the numbers are fine.

      Last year, in the same timeslot, Revenge drew and average audience of 260,790. Step Dave delivered a total audience that is 26% lower than the same time last year. Of course it’s a one off, but that’s a trend that isn’t good no matter how you want to spin it.

      • Stefan

        you seem to be ignoring the fact that network expectations are entirely different than this time last year – Go Girls 5 was renewed on the basis of refreshing the franchise based on trying to achieve the massive numbers of series 1, a move that didn’t pay off and was the beginning of a rethink by TVNZ. Based on EP1 of Step Dave and its competition you would have to say all is well and the numbers are fine, yes.; You would have an argument if the episode got slammed by its competition last night but clearly it did not.

  • Tellyfan

    I was pleased for Step Dave when I saw the ratings this morning. The show won the slot in TV2’s key 18-39 and 18-49 demographics, achieved a good audience share, and the numbers built across the hour – another very good sign.

    The overall viewing numbers (5+) are pretty meaningless as an indicator of success for Network and production company. What they do tell us is that overall viewing numbers are down across all the networks for the whole night. Which is an interesting issue. But nothing to do with Step Dave.

  • Allie

    This show is crap and an embarrassment.
    Go Girls was very good when it first started, but when they changed the cast around I stopped watching – how insulting to those who still wanted to work on it (Bronwyn Turei and the woman who played Britta). The stories became naff, too.
    Nothing Trivial was good, as was The Blue Rose.
    But for some reason I cannot watch this show – none of the characters are likable or relatable and it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to work out where the storyline is going to go.

  • fanlady

    This is rubbish Regan, Its summer so the ratings reflect that….It won its time slot, and the ratings have been revised to 275,000 (more than revenge!), due to a technical fault the last three nights….go on….I dare you…do your research!

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Nielsen informed us just before 5pm last night that there was a problem with their data but haven’t reissued us with the new data yet. I have also been waiting for some additional data which we’ve requested of them. I believe that, too, is called research.

      Furthermore, I have provided nothing but factual information.

      • MaxM

        So “limps to starting line” is factual information… sounds like nothing but critical, mean spirited opinion to me.

    • Dave

      Ah interesting. Ratings across all channels did seem to be unusually low over the last few days. Interested to see the corrected figures from Nielsen for this week.

  • Tech Guy

    The official NZ On Air ratings differ with what you’ve published here.

  • girl2

    So….are you going to change the headline Regan….to reflect the proper ratings, Methinks it would be the right thing to do, for the sake of or local dramas?

  • Leave Comments

    This show has just gotten better and better. I hope they give it a 2nd season. From a big fan in San Francisco.