The "actual" Step Dave rating information

StepDave.092309On Wednesday we published an article that stated that the ratings for TV2’s new drama Step Dave rated considerably lower than the final season of Go Girls and even Revenge from the year before.  As it now turns out, the ratings data we had been provided was incorrect.  It was initially reported that the show had only drawn an average audience of 194,250 viewers.  The actual average audience was significantly higher and was in fact 272,200 viewers.  That 40% discrepancy justifiably caused anguish amongst those at the network and production company who have been inundating me with complaints.

If we make the same comparisons as we did in the original post, Step Dave in fact rated higher on debut than any of the episodes from the fifth season of Go Girls. Combine that with the fact that it is February and people are still generally not inside watching TV in their droves just yet and the numbers don’t look anything like they did 24 hours ago.

In the same timeslot last year, Revenge drew an average audience of 260,790 viewers so year on year, the numbers are up and even better, it’s local content!

I’m still waiting for some other information from Nielsens regarding the show and as soon as I have that I will update this post.

What did you think of Step Dave and why?

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  • Preston

    The NZ on Air website has listed the viewers at 305,000 people aged 5+

    • Harrison

      That’s including +1 viewers

    • Drew Horan

      That’s because they include numbers from TV2+1.

  • Jas

    Be interesting to see what ratings are like by episodes 3 or 4 as that is when a programme gets to it’s true ratings as by then people have made there mind up. To me the problem for them will be that as it is the same production company and writers as other programmes the plotlines will no doubt become stale pretty quickly. You just know that a pregnancy wether a scare or real will be in the series at some stage, and pretty soon I am guessing.