Telecom rebranding, launching streaming service

show-me-tv-logoTelecom is rebranding itself as Spark and launching a new streaming content service called ShowMeTV which will have over 5000 hours of content available at launch.

The change was announced as part of Telecom’s half-year results, which showed the company gaining 200,000 mobile customers in the past 12 months and announcing a new cutting edge internet-delivered TV and movie service called ShowmeTV.

“The upcoming launch of ShowmeTV offers all New Zealanders an exciting new choice about how to get their home entertainment, which we think represents the future of how people will access content. It’s a great example of how this company is changing by delivering the sorts of new services our customers want,” said Mr Moutter.

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  • Jas

    Is showmetv going to be free or really cheap because unless it is it will not succeed like they think it will.
    And I know this maybe wrong but I for one don’t think the move to obtaining content online will be as big as some people think it will be. And contary to what some think I see it more as a secondary source which means you can not charge a lot for it.

    • Jeseta

      I think eventually all content will be viewed online but I think the transition will be much slower than many people are expecting.

      • Jas

        Depends on what mean by online. If you mean logging into a website to access content then no. If you mean using the same infrastruture then maybe.
        Until viewing content is a totally seemless process then current models will still have a place . The fact it can take up to 5 minutes from starting devices to actually seeing content will always be a big problem. That coupled with fact that to get the best possible service requires in some cases some technical knowledge will hinder it too.

  • K

    spark is the most WTF name I’ve ever heard

  • ASK

    ShowmeTV! I’Surely they could be smarter than picking TV2’s line as a name for their service. I wonder what other gems they’ll come up with.

  • roger

    anyone got ideas on what kind of content they would have?

    • Regan Cunliffe

      all very secret squirrel at this point

      • Jas

        One would hope the experience of BT obtaining content in the UK doesn’t happen here. In the UK the cost to watch football has increased not decreased as a result of competition.

  • Grabate

    Wonder if ShowmeTV will be unmetered on Xtra, err Telecom, err Spark.

  • Tania

    This is awesome. Can’t wait to sign up and ditch SKY at long last.

  • Clint

    In a way it’d be good if you paid a fee-per-view rather than a monthly subscription.