TV Talk: 8 February 2014

Welcome to the weekend. Other than the Sevens this weekend, what is everyone watching?

Anything else you’d like to discuss about television, this is the place to do it.

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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • Drew Horan

    The X Factor USA is gone after 3 seasons of trying to crack the US market and I guess this means that TV3 will be bringing back The X Factor Australia later in the year to fill the hole in their schedule.

    • Reece

      They would be much better off airing the UK version which of course will have Simon Cowell and will feature better talent and be a slicker better looking production than the Australian one.

      • Drew Horan

        I wouldn’t mind seeing The X Factor UK as well but I think there are rights issues that need to be cleared before it’s aired here but I maybe wrong and hopefully someone on here can answer that, mind you I do find it strange that we haven’t seen the UK version in this country after all The X Factor phenomenon started there.

        • Dave

          I agree, but for some reason NZ broadcasters always cite “rights issues”
          with the UK versions of shows like this. Strange as there doesn’t seem
          to be the same issues with the USA and Australian versions. If we’d had X
          Factor UK, viewers here would have seen the career starts of One
          Direction, Olly Murs, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, etc.

          • Drew Horan

            Yeah it would of been great to see the beginnings of all of those artists you mentioned. Its interesting that despite the show not screening here, their music is released in this market and thus should make rights issues redundant. During the early noughties TV2 screened the UK and Irish versions of Popstars with no issues over rights.I too find it strange that we always get the US and Australian versions so easily but problems getting X Factor UK. Can Regan or anyone else shed some light on this issue of rights preventing X Factor UK and other British shows screening here please.

    • Trevor Ashman

      TV3 should bring back X Factor NZ this year 🙂

      • Dave Ian Batten

        For once, I agree with you.

        • Trevor Ashman

          YAY 🙂

  • Jack

    I think its a must for Mediaworks to bring it back (X Factor NZ).. however they need
    to schedule the show better like start it in August or something. Most
    pop singers do concerts around that time so itll be good results show.

    • Dave Ian Batten

      Absolutely. The X Factor was a gold mine for TV3, and they should do it again for sure. Dominic Bowden was fantastic, so he should host again, but I think there needs to be one or two new judges.

    • Name

      They won’t. They’re doing The Block 2014.

    • Tania

      No thanks; the “talent” is likely to be pretty much the same that applied for NZ’s Got Talent (again – as what happened last time) and who would judge? Hopefully not any of the ones they had last time (Stan aside), but who would want to do it?

      • Cliff

        That horrid English woman had the gall to say Rihanna wasn’t a good singer – would love that to get back to Rihanna.

  • Tania

    I’m watching The Great Food Race at the moment; crikey, this lot of people are worse than last week’s. This Wellington couple are so horrid – especially the pommy guy. As for the Christchurch couple, the one with the blonde woman and her 10 years younger partner – she’s horrible AND mean. On the upside, the nice couple (she’s a realtor; he’s a builder), were lovely and I’m pleased they’re leading.
    But … the show is lacking something. I enjoyed it last week but tonight’s is the same thing all over again – a new ‘twist’ would have been nice, or something else just to make it have a point of difference. It’ll hopefully improve in the next heat.

    • Clint

      Looks like they only let a bunch of crazies audition to get the ratings up. In the shorts you can see that English blonde woman doing the race bit so obviously they do quite well on the show. That old blonde chick was scatty and spiteful and it’s good she got the boot.

  • Cliff

    Looks like Kim Crossman and Brooke Howard-Smith are the hosts for Cadbury Dream Factory. This will replace X Factor for all you hopefuls posting. It won’t be back.

    • Trevor Ashman

      Actually Cadbury Dream Factory can’t replace X Factor as TV3 advertise as both shows coming in 2014 🙂

      • Deb

        So the people who auditioned for NZ’s Got Talent who will also audition for Dream Factory will also audition for X Factor? Yeah, because that’s totally cool and not a waste of money. Said no one ever.