Will anyone fall on their sword in the TVNZ newsroom?

Shane Taurima scurried out the door after revelations he had bought a serious conflict of interest into the TVNZ newsroom.  Now we find two more TVNZ staff, one of whom has been a trustworthy figure in many homes delivering news most days of the week, have been making stuff up.

While TVNZ will spin this, and have, as a simple misunderstanding of what the piece was, this brings into question the integrity of the newsroom where at least one high profiled news reader has now been found to have made up statements for what was viewed as a serious and truthful news piece.

The question that now goes begging is “What else do TVNZ make up?”

If TVNZ take their stated position as being the country’s most watched news provider seriously, and launched an investigation into Taurima’s conflict of interest after he justifiably resigned, what actions will they take to assure the public that this isn’t endemic in their newsroom because it’s certainly starting to look that way.

Will there be directions given to the nearest exit or will the transgressions be ignored?

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  • AW

    Yes the transgressions will be ignored. TV One news (well 6pm) continues to win the ratings hands down. Campbell is in free fall while 7 Sharp grows in popularity. Nothing will happen Regan, their Head of News and Current Affairs will not fall on his sword.

  • Preston

    This is no big deal. It wasn’t actual news that was made up, just personal stories of bullying. Let’s not blow things out of proportion.

    • mike

      Without integrity there is no trust… it is a major issue.

    • K

      I agree Preston .storm in a teacup

  • AW

    Preston, it IS a big deal, a News organisation can’t make up shit and say it’s true!!!

  • Clint

    The question that now goes begging is “What else do TVNZ make up?”

    As has been said on here before:

    1) The calf-killing story was lacking a few facts;

    2) The ‘Australian supermarkets taking all New Zealand products off their shelves’ story was also sensationalised. Proven by photos posted by people actually IN Australia that NZ products are still on shelves.

    Not only do they “tweak” (for lack of a better term) stories to best suit them, but where are all the stories about other things we have a right to know about? You just have to glance at a few of the international papers to see that we’re not receiving nearly half of the real news.