Will Sky screen the Australia vs South Africa cricket test series?

SkySportlogoYesterday, Keeping Stock asked Sky, after their recent profit announcement, to show the Australia vs South Africa cricket test series.

Dear Sky TV

We see that your profit for the first half of the year is well up on expectations at $82.1 million. We’re not shareholders, but we have been subscribers for almost 20 years, so we feel that a share of your profit is the dosh we’ve paid you.

We were disappointed when you lost the English Premier League rights. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, d’you think your offer was a bit on the low side? We do.

But we are really peeved that there’s been no coverage of the most keenly awaited cricket test series in the world this year, between Australia and South Africa. Given that we pay to endure Danny Morrison’s commentaries from meaningless test matches in the Middle East involving Pakistan, we reckon you could have done better; much better.

Yes; we know it’s a busy time of year. There were the NRL Nines, a cricket test series in New Zealand, and wall-to-wall coverage of the Winter Olympics. But they have all finished now. Super Rugby has started, and we know that’s the priority on SkySport 1; fair enough too. But surely you have enough channels available, and enough money in the bank to show the third and deciding test match that starts in Cape Town at the weekend.

We know that you set your schedules well in advance. But surely, given the interest in this series and this match in particular from people just like us, you could pull a rabbit out of the hat for us.

We’re not likely to give up our Sky subscription any time soon, and you know that. And we reckon MySky is the best invention since sliced bread. We don’t complain often though, and we’d really like you to do something about this particular match.

We’ll be publishing this on our blog, and we’ll be sending it to other bloggers to publish as well; it’s the one weapon we have, given that we’d be lost on the weekends without our fix of sport. So how about it Sky? How’s about you go all out to get coverage of this important test match? You would make us very, VERY happy indeed if you did, and we wouldn’t have to carry a grudge against you for letting loyal subscribers down.

The ball’s in your court Sky.

Kind regards
Keeping Stock

Sky have replied that they are looking into this and if and when there is any comment to make, they will let us know.  Watch this space then, I guess.

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